UNITED PATIENTS ALLIANCE LTD - Click for Companies House Information

Company number: 10188176

Registered office address:

71-75 Shelton Street,

Covent Garden,


United Kingdom,


Company type: Private limited Company

Incorporated on: 19 May 2016

Yearly Filing Date: 31 May



Income Statement - For the Year Ending [May 31, 2017]


Product Sales                                                 £1,299.22

Speaking/Presentations                                  £250.00

Event Donations                                              £450.60

Charitable Donation - Gavin Sathianathan       £5,000.00

AGM Sponsorship Donation - Sensi Seeds       £2,000.00

Total Revenues                                            £8,999.82


Event Bookings                                               £487.10

Web hosting and domains                              £161.56

Event Insurance                                              £75.00

Stock for Sales                                               £592.64

Travel                                                            £230.00

Other                                                            £105.00

Total Expenses                                          £1,661.30

Total Income                                              £7,338.52


United Patients Alliance Ltd. are happy to publish our finances online, however we reserve the right to decline to answer further questions. United Patients Alliance are a not for profit organisation. All funds raised are and will be put towards advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics and supporting patients. No individual member has taken payment from United Patients Alliance to date.  
We'd like to thank all who have donated and welcome all other donations. If you would like to know more please email us at info@upalliance.org or Donate Now using the button below.


For more information please contact: info@upalliance.org