United Patients Alliance are aware that there are thousands of people in the UK who feel that supplementing their intake with hemp cannabinoids is beneficial for their health and well-being.

There are an ever increasing array of products appearing, most with very few quality or legality checks and balances and we get asked frequently for advice on product and vendor trust and quality especially as there is concern that not all products necessarily contain what is advertised.

In October 2016, it was brought to the attention of the MHRA that some vendors of CBD products were making medical claims for their product(s) and issued a statement that products used for medicinal purposes are a medicine.  Some vendors were asked to remove their products from the market apply for appropriate licensing.

Click here to see their latest statement on CBD Products

Click here to see their latest statement on CBD Products

UPA asked for the help of Norman Lamb MP, who, along with Baroness Meacher, Professor David Nutt, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and members have been welcomed to consult with the MHRA.  It is expected that the MHRA will make a statement at some point clarifying the situation.  Whilst these issues are being addressed, hemp food supplements remain legally available for sale.




United Patients Alliance Ltd. are a charitable organisation in the process of applying for Charity Registration and are completely independent.

For the UPA to endorse any product supplier to our patients and supporters, we will expect the very highest quality standards. We have currently identified one supplier with whom we are confident meet and in fact exceed these standards, and whilst the quality guarantees they provide make the prices seem steep, we believe that the certainty of receiving a legal, quality product exactly as ordered and described is worth it.

Not only are they Brighton born and based like ourselves, CannaWell are members of the European Industrial Hemp Association and are the exclusive European distributor for Bluebird Botanicals, America's award winning hemp company. They are a true leader and creator of the hempcannabinoid industry and are one of the world's leading producers of CO2 hemp extracts and oils.  Bluebird have also been awarded first prize in the Cannabist award in Las Vegas in 2016 for category Hemp-CBD for quality, innovation and contribution to industry.

In addition, they have the most stringent quality control system in the industry and intend to continue to set standards. Their products conform to the USs CGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and only 3rd-party laboratories are used for analysis.

Every bottle has a batch number on the base and with it you can go online and see its verified potency and purity credentials. The potency CoAs show the cannabinoid profile and exactly how much CBD is in each bottle.  Each set of testing also includes a separate purity analysis showing the products are free from microbial life, mold, mildew, heavy metals, and pesticides. This gives customers the peace of mind they deserve.

The hemp extracts are full spectrum CO2 oil extraction of an industrial hemp variety of Cannabis Sativa.  Full spectrum means they don’t just contain CBD, but also other cannabinoids, terpenes and essential nutrients to support and optimize your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Learn more about Bluebird Botanicals' hemp products, quality assurance, ethics and how they guide customers in the product selection process, watch this great five minute interview with Chief Brand Officer, Michael Harinen

Cannawell has offered compassionate pricing for our supporters with a permanent and exclusive discount of 15% off their entire range. Click here to go to their website and please remember to use coupon code UPA15 at the checkout.

USE THIS CODE at the CHECKOUT to get your 15% DISCOUNT

USE THIS CODE at the CHECKOUT to get your 15% DISCOUNT

Please let us know how you get on and keep an eye out for some exciting new products coming soon.

If you are a maker/distributor of similar products and wish to be considered for our Quality Supplier list – please contact: Jon Liebling: jon@liebling.co.uk





United Patients Alliance Ltd.

United Patients Alliance Ltd, is a Non-Profit charitable organisation currently applying for Charity Registration. Any and all proceeds from any product or service UPA recommend or provide will be invested in supporting our members and advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK for all. We are currently applying for Charity Registration. All financial accounts will be published annually.


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