My name is Natasha, and I suffer from multiple health issues, including M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Migraines.

Most days I suffer with:

Headaches, which can turn into migraines, which can last two weeks or longer if not treated. Cluster headaches are also a threat.
Constant aching and pain.
Constant fatigue and weakness.
Muscle spasms.
Heavy limb sensations (described as wearing a cast iron suit).
Food allergies and digestive issues.
Chemical sensitivities.
Constant thirst.
Night sweats.
Disorientation and confusion.
Difficulty communicating.
Aura (Visual Disturbance).
Mood swings.
Memory loss.

Before I discovered cannabis, I was taking Co-codamol daily.
I had become addicted to a painkiller that gave me rebound headaches and withdrawal symptoms. I spent two years without pain relief. Unable to take most medications, I became stuck, until I discovered what cannabis can do.

The first time I tried medicating with cannabis, I nearly passed out from coughing! The relief from the cluster headache I was having was a surprise, however.

I decided to have a go at taking cannabis daily, mainly for sleep, as we all know that a good night's sleep is a good first step towards recovery.
My first night medicating, I slept for twelve hours straight, but the one massive change I noticed is that once I woke up, I felt rested which I haven't experienced for years!

On better days I wake up earlier, my joints feel less inflamed and I actually have some energy!

There's no medication for M.E.

Cannabis helps relieve my symptoms, and that's something that in fourteen years of suffering, doctors have never been able to help me achieve.

Migraine relief
I have many triggers that cause different types of migraine. But there's still times when it's difficult to pinpoint what's caused what. Ultimately, I need relief.
I have tried many medications that have only made me worse.

Cannabis doesn't cure my migraines, but I would choose it over any migraine medication in an instant. Cannabis not only lifts my mood whilst having an attack, but it also give me the sensation that I'm having a massage where the pain is, which is an amazing experience that I wish I could have all day!

I never want to stop consuming Cannabis

There are times when supplies are low, and I have to ration. It's the worst thing I have to do. Just skipping one night of cannabis can have detrimental consequences to my health - Taking me right back to the days when I didn't consume.

I'm not okay. But taking cannabis helps. I am proud of myself and fellow friends who are standing up for what we are entitled to. Pain relief that works!

These are the strains that I have tried so far that help treat my symptoms:
Purple Afghani

Blue Dream

Cheese (only for nausea)

My favorite ways to consume
Inhaling herbs through a vapouriser, or from dabs (hash oil)