I have been a long term recreational consumer of cannabis and started to use it for medical purposes just over two years ago now.

 I have a list of health issues from emphysema, Epstein Barr virus, osteopenia, osteoarthritis. I have had a bone marrow transplant due to leukaemia, and I also had a head injury where I fractured both sides of my skull on my forehead.

 This lead to constant headaches up until two years ago when i started using cannabis to help with the pain of the headaches, then when i got leukaemia and needed a bone marrow transplant i was in an isolation room in hospital so had no access to cannabis, the doctors gave me loads of morphine to help manage the pain.

When I left the hospital and was home i got some cannabis and found it helped stop the pain so I then stopped the morphine and I have found that i have numb areas due to a botched operation to insert a pic line, which has also given me spasms of which i cannot control. I find that the cannabis also helps to alleviate the symptoms of this also, i use hash, a form of cannabis, i smoke it, i wish i could have a steady and affordable way to get this as and when i require it.

Since i have osteoarthritis i find walking and moving extremely painful, the cannabis helps this pain go away which in turn allows me to walk, move about and to leave my home. I believe i am lucky to be alive and i also believe that my constant use of cannabis has helped. Without it i cant walk about, i cannot go out, cannabis has given me my life back.