About Us

Cannabis is a plant that has been the topic of discussion and controversy in many countries. It contains properties that give individuals a high and have often been associated with addictive drugs. However, in western countries like the UK and the USA, the medicinal use of cannabis is permitted and sought after by many people. 

Medicinal use of cannabis and CBD oil, a non-psychoactive compound, is useful and healing for ailments like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. Various brands sell CBD oil-based products for patients suffering from mental health problems. UPAlliance is a website that brings together all these brands for you to choose from. 

We provide you with articles on each of these brands and the new upcoming ones that make CBD-induced products with a lot of care. Many brands claim to be authentic that it is only responsible that you purchase after adequate research. At UPAlliance we aim to help you make the right decision regarding this medicinal drug.

The articles have been fact-checked many times before putting them on the website, and we rely largely on customer reviews to write these as well. We hope to create a world that truly benefits from all the positive effects of cannabis by busting common myths around the drug. 

Who Are We

UPAlliance is a platform that believes in the positive effects and healing potential of cannabis, a drug that is most often mistook to be completely psychedelic and harmful. The use of cannabis is permitted in the UK for medicinal purposes only after research has shown how effective it can be for anxiety and other problems. We intend to promote the use of cannabis to deal with such issues and offer reviews of brands that sell CBD oil-based products on this website. 

About the Author

Meet the author of all the articles that you read on UPAlliance- Luke Rhodes. Luke has studied and researched the effects of small doses of cannabis on individuals dealing with mental health problems and chronic pain. He is a cannabis enthusiast who believes that the drug can be used to bring about positive changes in the world by helping a lot of people. Other than having a lot of knowledge about cannabis, Luke is also a great writer whose articles boast accuracy and are lucid to read.