Ambience CBD Review 2021

Ambience CBD is passionate about creating CBD products of the highest quality for all customers. Their products, infused with the best quality CBD, are performance-led collections meant to be accessible for all.

They call themselves the “leaders of innovation in the UK” as they try to stay ahead of their consumers’ needs and wants. By following their “CBD from seed” policy, Ambience CBD can ensure quality and performance. Let us read more about the leaders of the CBD revolution in the UK in the next section of our review.

Who Are They?

Ambience CBD was created to deliver the best-in-class CBD products to all the customers. Known as the health and well-being hero, Ambience CBD relaxes and invigorates the skin. With a combination of high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients and CBD, Ambience CBD has succeeded in delivering exceptional products for your daily routine.

Ambience CBD specialises in making CBD-rich skincare products that absorb quickly and show visible results in just a few regular applications. The best part about their range is that taking CBD has never been simpler. 

The brand has made CBD boosting easy as it allows you to take CBD as conveniently as applying a moisturiser. The rich collection includes oils, moisturisers, balms, body washes, etc.

The company makes its products in two different ranges — Ambience Everyday, which includes all products for daily use, and Ambience Apothecary, which includes four key collections — Harmony and Calm, Soothe and Relieve, Uplift and Cleanse, and Indulge and Nourish. Let us read further about Ambience CBD body oil and other products.

What Do They Make?

As mentioned earlier, Ambience CBD makes products under two separate categories, i.e., Ambience Everyday and Ambience Apothecary. Here are a few of the popular products offered by Ambience CBD:-

1. Everyday CBD 50ml Body Oil

A stimulating body oil suitable for massage, Ambience CBD Body Oil is infused with premium CBD that helps relax and refresh the body. With 50mg of premium-quality CBD, the natural hemp extracts rejuvenate the body. Replenish the gorgeous appearance of your skin with Ambience CBD Body Oil.

2. Everyday CBD 30ml Facial Moisturizer

Give a perfect start to your day with Ambience Everyday CBD Facial Moisturizer. This cream is enriched with high-quality CBD and is light on the face. It provides your skin with the necessary natural boost and makes it fresh and charged up.

3. Everyday CBD 30ml Muscle Balm

If you are a sportsperson, no one would understand the importance of rest and recovery better than you. Ambience CBD Muscle Balm is your perfect partner for relaxing and repairing those strained and sore muscles. The infused CBD relieves the tension and helps your tired muscles to recover.

4. Everyday CBD 100ml Body Wash

This cannabidiol-enriched body wash helps you to kickstart your day with extra energy and power. Ambience Everyday CBD Body Wash delivers premium CBD in a beautifully scented formula that is easy to use. Energise your lazy mornings with this body wash to get fresh and hydrated skin.

5. Ambience Vanilla Custard CBD Eliquid 60ml 1000mg

Ambience CBD Vape allows you to take CBD most conveniently — breathing in. Ambience CBD Vape comes in a vanilla custard flavour that delights your taste buds and gives you the necessary dose of CBD.

Apart from the Everyday range, Ambience CBD offers Ambience Apothecary that has four key collections:-

6. Harmony And Calm

This collection is designed to give peace and relaxation to the tired body. With the essential oils of geranium, petitgrain, and lavender, products from this range help achieve calmer and heal sensitive skin.

Apothecary 100ml Body Oil

A luxurious blend of coconut, jojoba and apricot kernel oil are the perfect ingredients to soothe and nourish your skin. Get a good night’s sleep with the regular application of this body oil.

7. Soothe And Relieve

Get rid of those muscle aches and bodily pains with this range of products from Ambience CBD. With the essential oils of camphor and rosemary, cleanse and repair your skin from deep within.

Apothecary 50g Muscle Balm

With cannabidiol oil, camphor, chilli, and rosemary essential oils, this balm is naturally warming and effective. It targets muscles throughout your body to relieve you of excruciating muscle aches.

8. Uplift And Cleanse

This collection is created to invigorate, cleanse, and energise your skin. Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, and juniper balance and detoxify the skin to give you a nourished and rejuvenated glow.

Apothecary 200ml Foot & Leg Cream

Get soft and glowing skin with this cannabidiol-infused cream from Ambience CBD. The essential oils of rosemary, bergamot, and peppermint energise tired feet and legs to refresh your body.

9. Indulge And Nourish

This collection is created to nurture and nourish your tired skin. Palmarosa and sunflower seed ensures intense hydration, while blackcurrant seed and rosemary protect against free radicals to keep the skin fresh.

Apothecary 200ml Body Butter

A rich blend of cocoa and shea butter, this cream comes infused with cannabidiol and other essential oils to hydrate the skin. The blended patchouli helps in uplifting the mood.

Social Media Sentiments About Ambience CBD

Ambience CBD seems to be a loved brand for most customers. People are quite appreciative of how they give premium-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Also, they have a wide array of products ranging from affordable to expensive ones as well for those who wish to buy.

Also, people love their beautiful packaging and service. However, there are a few negatives too. The lab reports are only available on request and are not publicly open. There is not much information about the background of the company as well. Overall, Ambience CBD seems to be a decent brand for CBD products. 


With the wide range of products and the huge array of benefits associated with those products, Ambience CBD is doing a remarkable job reaching the masses and impressing people with its exceptional products and service.