Apex CBD Review 2021

Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, which has become popular worldwide due to its many health benefits. It was legalized for sale in the UK in 2018, generating a great surge in demand ever since.

Due to this, the CBD industry has grown tremendously in the UK in recent years. However, with the growing demand, several brands have also come up that deal with substandard CBD products, which don’t have any positive effect on the body. 

As a result, customers have grown increasingly skeptical when choosing CBD products. Although, a few brands out there have come forward to make it easier for customers to choose the right products. Apex CBD is one such brand that aims to be a one-stop CBD product shop catering to all the varying needs of customers.

So, does it really deliver what it claims to? To find out, we decided to review the brand in detail. As part of our Apex CBD oil review, we will be looking at the brand and the products it offers. We will also attempt to know what customers feel about the brand in terms of the product and service quality.

About The Brand

We had heard about Apex CBD oil in the UK and thought of reviewing the brand to make it easier for customers to figure out if it’s worth their money. However, before going on to our Apex CBD oil review, let’s take a moment to know a bit about the brand. 

Apex CBD is an online store aiming to take care of all the CBD needs for their customers and their pets. Run by a husband-wife pair, it was set up to provide the highest quality CBD products to customers to enrich their health.

The brand claims to provide the best quality CBD products with little (within the recommended limit) or no THC. They also claim to ensure that the best procedures are maintained in growing and extracting the material for the products.

That said, the brand itself is not involved in the production of CBD-based items. They only source products from other brands and make them available for customers to purchase on their website. It is more like an online shop where the customer browses among the different options across brands and then chooses the one that matches their requirements.


Brand Offerings

As we mentioned earlier, unlike most other CBD brands in the UK, Apex CBD does not manufacture any CBD products. Instead, it acts like an online store where anyone looking for high-quality CBD products for themselves or their pets can find what they need. 

They feature products from several top CBD brands in the UK, such as Harmony, Amma Life, Ace CBD, and Pure Ratios. You can get a range of CBD products from the above brands on their website, including CBD oils, CBD vapes, CBD sprays, CBD creams, CBD patches, etc.

Although we were disappointed with not finding any products by the Apex CBD brand itself, we still went forward to check out the collection on their website and were impressed with the variety of products we found. 

Moreover, most of them had lab reports on the product page itself, which earned this brand some extra brownie points. To give customers an idea of what they can expect, we have briefly discussed them below.

1. Ace CBD Vapes

The online store sells CBD vapes manufactured by Ace CBD, the only CBD E-liquid manufacturer in the UK to be GMP-approved. In addition to an unflavored one, you can also get the Apex CBD vape in different flavors like Very Berry and Blue Raspberry.

2. Pure Ratios

Head on to the Pure Ratios brand section if you are looking for CBD products for pain relief. You can choose from pain-relieving CBD patches, topical salve, and a roll-on. They even have a CBD lip balm!

3. Amma Life

Amma Life is a brand well known for its CBD oils, so there is nothing more to say about it here. You can find CBD oils of varying strengths in the Apex CBD store, along with CBD sprays and cream.

4. Harmony

The store offers broad-spectrum oils by this brand in two strength variants to cater to the customers’ needs. These are free from any THC content.


Social Media Sentiment 

While the products seem to be worth a try, we wanted to delve deeper into what people are saying about the products and customer service of the brand.

To write this Apex CBD oil review, we also spent some time searching for some credible reviews of the shop. We opted for Trustpilot, our favorite review platform, to understand what customers think of a brand. However, unfortunately, we could not find any review of the brand on this platform.

While we are not exactly aware of the reason behind it, their absence on the Trustpilot platform greatly restricts us from making an informed judgment on their products and customer service.

Their official website also has a review section on each product page, but most of the sections have no reviews posted, thus making our job more difficult.

We did quite a bit of research and stumbled upon the official Facebook page of Apex CBD. Here, we found some reviews, but they were too few to form a solid idea about the brand and its services. Nevertheless, they have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on their Facebook page, and the reviews laud their customer service and seem to have a positive opinion about the brand.

While this is not enough to fully convince us of their product quality and service, we do feel that it is a brand worth trying out.


We hope that this Apex CBD oil review was useful if you were thinking of checking out the brand’s online store. While we cannot guarantee full satisfaction regarding their customer service due to lack of enough sources, we feel that it’s worth a try.

They have a nice collection of different CBD products spread across various categories. Plus, we appreciate the presence of lab reports for several of the products, which add some credibility to the brand.