Best CBD Oil UK Forum 2021

Ever since the legalization of marijuana a few years ago, the CBD industry has seen an impressive boom in the United Kingdom. It had been an established industry in the US long before that but we are seeing an overwhelming rise in the number of entrepreneurs making it to the CBD business. 

Ranging from CBD oil to seed banks, cannabinoids have become a lucrative platform and have helped people overcome illnesses like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and body aches. Despite its positive effects, there are a lot of misconceptions circulating around the idea of CBD. At a time when medical marijuana is flourishing across borders, it has become essential to educate people about the benefits and consumption of cannabinoids. 

We have been following the CBD industry closely for a long time and have garnered quite some expertise in the subject. If you are new to the idea of CBD, then you need not worry at all. We have made a list of the best CBD oil forums in the UK that will give you all the information you need about cannabinoids. 

It is a bummer that there aren’t many forums available but you can rest assured that the ones on this list are reliable. Go ahead and keep reading to find platforms that will fuel your curiosity. 

Top 4 Best CBD Oil Forums In The UK

1. Reddit

We believe that Reddit would top any list of forums that talk about practically anything. Reddit is one of the largest discussion platforms on the internet today and is a platform that lets you talk about anything under the sun– from tiny microbes to extinct dinosaurs to crazy dreams and of course, CBD oil. 

There are multiple subreddits on Reddit that host extensive discussions regarding cannabinoids but for people living in the UK, we suggest joining the subreddit /r/CBD_UK. It is dedicated to the topic of CBD and you can find some great discussions, questions, news, and trivia regarding the same. 

The best part about this subreddit is that anybody can join it; it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a CBD connoisseur, something interesting is available here for all of you. There are fact files packed with information bombs, buyer guides, and even funny memes if you’re just looking to have a good laugh. 

/r/CBD_UK was created in November 2018 and has close to 3000 subscribers. It is a very active community that posts discussion threads daily. Most of the updates are based on the market in the UK, so this will always help you to make informed decisions in case you’re planning to purchase CBD oil or sell it. 

If you’re looking for a trustable forum to read up on and be a part of discussions regarding medical marijuana, we can’t recommend this subreddit enough. You can also find like-minded people (who will most probably be from the UK) to chat with. Check out this subreddit for any updates about CBD in the UK. 

2. National Hemp Association

The National Hemp Association or NHA was founded to improve the hemp industry. They believe that the best way for an industry to flourish is by educating the people about it. Their forum is quite informative and is packed with articles regarding the different CBD products and of course, hemp. 

This association is a collective representative of hemp farmers, manufacturers, startup entrepreneurs, and retailers. They actively strive to market hemp as a versatile material that is environment-friendly and quite useful as well. 

Their blog posts range from personal articles to posts that give a general update regarding hemp and other CBD products. You should definitely check this forum out if you’re looking to read up on hemp. 

3. CBD Bible

CBD Bible is one of the most reliable forums out there that discusses CBD products extensively. They provide honest reviews of cannabinoids and generally give a comprehensive evaluation of each product. They give a brief history of the company and social media responses to the product so that you get a good idea of what product you ought to go for. 

From beginners to experts, anybody can go through their blog forum to gather new information regarding cannabinoids. Apart from giving reviews, they also discuss the different types of CBD products and many other topics that would interest you even if you’re quite new to the idea of CBD. 

The CBD Bible team comprises a wholesome team of scientists, business owners, cannabis enthusiasts, and connoisseurs. One of the reasons why we highly recommend their forum is because their posts and reviews provide multiple perspectives from these different positions and can thus give you an overall outlook of the product. We totally suggest checking them out. 

4. Marijuana Anonymous Forums UK

Marijuana Anonymous Forums is a group of people aiming to eliminate marijuana addiction. While medical marijuana is a blessing to a lot of people, many tend to consume more amounts of cannabis than prescribed. Marijuana addiction is a serious issue that deserves due attention. One of the ways to reduce this is by educating people on the difference between the medicinal use of marijuana and when it turns into an addiction. 

Marijuana Anonymous Forums prescribes a twelve-step process to educate people on marijuana addiction and eradicate it. The forum is completely anonymous so anybody can participate in the discussion without any hesitation. You will find like-minded people here with who you can have a healthy discussion on marijuana and CBD products. 


It is important to read up more information by yourself as well as discuss with the people around you in order to bust the myths regarding marijuana and CBD products. The forums mentioned on this list are among the best CBD oil forums in the UK and can be a good starting point to get to know more about the CBD industry. They’ve got some great discussions, reviews, trivia and general knowledge regarding the various perspectives on cannabinoids and these would surely interest you.