Blessed CBD Oil Review 2021

Recent studies have suggested that the CBD market could become a 20 billion dollar industry by the year 2024.  The cannabis plant consists of many active chemical compounds and the CBD or cannabidiol is among them. You don’t need to worry as, unlike THC, it is not a psychoactive substance. On the contrary, CBD has been found to exhibit medicinal properties and helps with treating illnesses like epilepsy, insomnia, inflammation, and anxiety. 

The US has already turned CBD into a quite lucrative market over the past few years. Ever since cannabis was legalized in 2016, the UK has been tapping into its potential consistently. Subsequently, the English markets are emerging as a profitable space for the CBD business. 

As different companies battle it out to grab the most profits in this industry, Blessed CBD remains one of the few businesses that prioritize quality over quantity. Let’s find out more about them in this Blessed CBD Oil review

About The Brand

Blessed CBD is a family-owned and run business based in Edinburgh and is a top pick if you’re looking for CBD products, especially the Blessed CBD oil tincture. What makes them so popular and unique is their emphasis on the quality of the product rather than the quantity, as we already mentioned.

Before starting their business, the founders of Blessed CBD saw a dip in the quality of medical marijuana produced in the UK. Deliveries were taking a long time, and often, there was a lot of misinformation spread regarding the products. 

By then, the US markets had gained the upper hand when it came to the CBD industry. These companies exported less, and even when they did, they charged high prices for the products. 

Blessed CBD was started with the aim of making premium-quality CBD products accessible to the UK markets at affordable rates. With more and more companies getting into this business, the demand for CBD products grew in the UK. However, Blessed CBD remains one of the top contenders in the game mainly because they provide the best products and are transparent about their production and testing.

There are no overt marketing gimmicks or publicity stunts as they build their consumer base mostly by word-of-mouth and, of course, through Blessed CBD oil reviews like this. Product delivery is relatively quick and reliable. They provide excellent customer services and have a strong presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram. 

They also have an attractive website that gives information regarding their products and CBD in general, which is a good move considering how medical marijuana is still a concept that people are adjusting to. 


Brand Offerings

Blessed CBD promises to go full-spectrum when it comes to CBD products, which means that they offer a wide variety of cannabinoids. Apart from Blessed CBD oil tinctures, the brand also manufactures high-quality CBD gummies, capsules, and creams. 

1. Blessed CBD Oil

The company sells CBD oil at three different strengths– 500mg, 1000mg, and 1800mg. The ingredients include Hemp extracts and Hemp seed oil, which ensure that you get the purest concentration of CBD. 

Unlike other cannabinoids, Blessed CBD oil tincture does not have an unbearably bitter taste. We like how it does not give off a synthetic taste either but rather has a natural taste, just like how hemp is supposed to taste. 

CBD oil has been found to reduce anxiety in most cases and has made life calm and peaceful for many users.

2. Blessed CBD Gummies

Made using a combination of tapioca syrup and pectin, CBD gummies are sugary and are infused with CBD content and natural fruit juice flavours. One 750 mg container has a total of 30 gummies, while the ideal intake per day would be about 1-2 gummies. 

Gummies give a tasty spin to the consumption of CBD and make the process easier. The tubs also have a child-safe cap, which we think is very helpful especially considering how sweet gummies tend to attract children. 

3. Blessed CBD Cream

Blessed CBD sells ‘Pain Relief Creams’ and helps with muscle and joint aches. It has a smooth texture that helps you to apply it evenly over the affected area. As it absorbs quickly, the effects are quickly visible. It can be applied whenever you feel discomfort and pain, but it is advised not to use it on your face. 

4. Blessed CBD Capsules

Blessed CBD capsules are vegan-friendly and contain CBD isolate, which is suspended in a fractionated coconut oil carrier. One bottle consists of 30 capsules, and the recommended intake is two capsules per day. The soft gel coating is flavoured with caramel, which gives a slight sweetness to these capsules. They are found to provide relief a few minutes after use. 


Social Media Sentiment

To test the appeal of the products, we decided to do some snooping around trusted review spaces like Reddit and Trustpilot. 

Users on Reddit have generally given favourable Blessed CBD Oil reviews. They found the product to be of outstanding quality. However, many users did complain about their products being priced at more expensive rates than required. It is understandable, though that the extraction of good quality cannabinoids and the rigorous testing might all add to the cost of the products. 

Users on Trustpilot praised the quality of the products and talked about the quick physical and psychological relief it brought to them. Blessed CBD products have an overall rating of 4.6/5, based on the reviews of 211 Trustpilot users. They also praised the excellent customer service and the fast deliveries. However, akin to the Reddit reviews, users here pointed out the pricey nature of these products and noted that other companies sell CBD products at cheaper rates. 


After reading this Blessed CBD oil review, it is safe to conclude that this company definitely prioritise the quality of their products over other factors. They manufacture a wide range of products which the users are generally satisfied with. However, this quality comes at an increased price, which seems to have irked some of their customers. Nonetheless, Blessed CBD is a company to watch out for, and if you’re willing to shell out some extra cash, it will definitely bring positive results.