Jade's Path to Savage Cabbage

"In June 2016, I started my own company, Savage Cabbage purely by accident, but driven by necessity"

I have suffered from medical problems for most of my life and even now, often feel embarrassed talking about it.  It all started with chronic constipation at the age of 3. By 14, I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and in 2010, I was also diagnosed with spinal myoclonus epilepsy. 

In June of 2012 I finished work, feeling a bit rubbish, and collapsed at home. My husband rushed me to the hospital. An X-ray of my stomach showed that I was compacted from the bottom of my stomach right to the exit. My large colon had died.

After 10 major surgeries in the span of 14 months, most of my intestines and a few other bits had been completely removed. My body began to shut down, and my veins began to collapse. Finally, it came to the point where the family was called together, preparing for the inevitable farewells.

The pain I was in constantly was immense. I took voluntary redundancy from a 14 year career because I couldn’t cope, and the emotional impact of this triggered an ME relapse. I was house bound. I lived on a diet of liquid Morphine, Omeprazole, Dihydrocodeine, etcetera. All the drugs were impacting on the ME, the fatigue. I felt completely disconnected from my family and reality.

After watching the Dr Sanjay Gupta's WEED I decided to try Charlotte’s Web by CW Hemp, and it changed my life completely, and I began to feel capable again and had hope.


With my husband Leslie by my side, we have supported many individuals around the world, and have contributed to the sharing of knowledge regarding the benefits of using whole plant hemp extract as a dietary supplement to encourage holistic health and well being.


Savage Cabbage has a mission:

Our mission is to create an environment where individuals can source premium quality health products with confidence. Savage Cabbage will conduct business with passion and integrity, and continue to research and share our findings with our customers as a community.

"We will be courageous as we lead Savage Cabbage™ forward into the future."
Discount Code: patient

Discount Code: patient

I think that it’s really important that we aren’t just selling an oil to people. We want them to know what they are doing with it. It’s about building a community of support and as fellow patients, we would like to offer members of United Patients Alliance a compassionate discount on their orders.

For Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil, please visit www.savagecabbageltd.com and please enter the CODE: patient - at the checkout to receive your discount.

All orders made with this code will also generate funds for UPA to advance legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK

Thank you for listening

Jade Proudman MA


Finally - You might be wondering what inspired the name Savage Cabbage, which Jade and Leslie are very proud of:

"Leslie and I picked the name because we found it was 1) a food source and 2) kicked butt."