I was told, when diagnosed with RRMS in 2003, to avoid all conventional pharmaceuticals; so I did! I used cannabis when I could access it, which was rarely.


Ten years later on 19 September 2013 I received my first prescription of Sativex. To achieve this I went through an almighty and painful relapse where I couldn’t even crawl that well. I had to drag myself to and from the toilet, had to be lifted into the bath (I made sure I clambered out myself. It’s important to maintain some pride wherever possible.) Hell continued unabated.

A white box containing 3x10ml bottles of Sativex could have changed my life for the better but I soon found it to be weaker than expected. 3x10ml bottles was used up within a week.


My doctor is only at the practice on Thursday morning and all day Friday. She is the only doctor at the practice who has a license to prescribe it.  Sometimes she’s on holiday or at an NHS conference. Nobody should be expected to keep their doctors holidays in their diary but I do.


Don’t get me wrong; my life is much improved because of Sativex. I used to require a 30ml of Sativex per week but thankfully, these days I only use 10ml per week. This is great because I only have to request a new prescription every three weeks. However, sometimes I deal with more life stresses or I have the flu and this does require more medicine. The prescription is not designed with these eventualities in mind but they keep cropping up anyway.


Although Sativex is marketed for spasms I use it mainly for pain relief. When I can escape the pain I can clean up the kitchen and even make dinner. Without this essential pain relief I’m just a mumbling, sobbing, foul-mood zombie. I do nothing.


Sometimes I’m that unwell that I forget to order the new prescription. If this happens then I have to wait a week until my doctor is in the practice. Then it takes about 4-5 days to arrive at the pharmacy but sometimes there’s a delay caused by human error or computer somewhere.


Yes, my life is infinitely better because of Sativex but I knew my health would continue to go downhill. I also suspect that it could take decades to lessen the laws restricting cannabis. I’m far too impatient for our backward British politics.


4 years ago I could not walk more than 20 feet and now I can walk a reasonable distance. I went to extremes and drastically changed my diet and lifestyle. My new medicine is called the Wahls Protocol but the addition of Sativex helps me exercise. I’m still very dizzy, slur my speech and my vision is still very blurry at times and I’ve got years of healing to get through. However, both medicines feed the Endo-cannabinoid system so that the body may work to reverse the symptoms of MS.


Whilst it’s a real shame that I still have to break the law to get the level of relief that I need:

I’m just about to walk one of my dogs into the fields and I’ll ponder the marvels of cannabinoids. Then I have to check my cannabis plants. Since humans are very deficient in cannabinoids this patient can never get enough. I’m also well enough now so that I manufacture cannabis oil for other patients.

That’s my silver lining.