We've all been there, in pain or mind rushing too fast - we need to medicate.
But do you suffer with cotton mouth and dry eyes so badly that you often think twice before starting?

I have been self medicating for about a year now, and so happen to naturally have dry eyes and mild cotton mouth symptoms due to my M.E (I'm Always thirsty) Therefore I'm already vulnerable to this not so nice side effect of this wonderful pain and stress relieving plant.

Why do we get this side effect?

Our Saliva is made of 98% water and is produced by 3 glands - the major gland that produces a whopping 70% of our saliva is called the Submandibular gland (SMG)  Which also happens to have on board the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.
Scientists believe that when the CB1 and 2 receptors are activated, the cannabis binds to the CB1 and 2 receptors and just so happens to inhibit saliva production - leaving you with cottonmouth (and in some cases dry eyes)

How can we ease this inevitable problem?

This side effect is quite severe for me, so It has taken me a while to work out the best and cheapest ways to relieve this side effect - turns out it's very easy to overcomplicate things that are very simple!

3 Simple Steps to cotton mouth and dry eye relief

Thirst quenching suck sweets - My favourite is the sugar free Ricola original flavour (sweetened with Stevia, so no nasty chemicals) These minty herb type sweets stimulate saliva production nicely and are also soothing. It is the cheapest form of relief, however not long lasting.

Secondly - Electrolytes!
Electrolytes help water go that little bit further. Sipping water doesn't help me at all, but add some electrolytes and immediately can feel the difference. One glass of electrolytes sipped alongside regular water is fine, or you can go a step further and try some coconut water instead.

Last but not least- Eye drops
I don't use these often but they are great for when I wake up after medicating with super dry eyes.  I prefer natural herbal eye drops, but you can easily obtain eye drops at your local pharmacist - Just say you get dry eyes and need some relief every so often and they'll advise you on which ones to try.
A hot flannel in the morning and evening over your eye lids can help in the long run, but it isn't a quick fix. You can also try Sea Buckthorn oil which has clinical studies that back up its benefits for dry eye relief.

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