When we started out on this journey and created United Patients Alliance in July 2014, we were expecting to have to deal with insults, lies and misinformation to discredit the campaign from prohibitionists and anti-reform groups - but in actual fact, ALL of this came from other reform groups! Well - We didn’t expect that!

What UPA are NOT!

We have no idea what possible motivation they might have for doing so, but according to some - United Patients Alliance are ALL of these: (All at the same time too) ;)

  • Government “Shills”

  • BigPharma “Shills”

  • GWPharma “Shills”

  • Working for and being paid by GWPharma

  • Working for and being paid by Bedrocan

  • In cahoots with the Liberal Democrats

  • In cahoots with the Conservatives

  • Owned and/or funded by Paul Birch

  • Owned and/or funded by Volteface

  • Owned and/or funded by EndOurPain

  • Owned and/or funded by Tendo

  • Owned and/or funded by Tilray

  • Owned and/or funded by Forma Holdings

  • Owned and/or funded by Privateer Holdings

  • An “affiliate” of Volteface?

  • Sold/Selling private patient data to 3rd parties (Eg: GWPharma)

  • Sold our souls

  • Sold out the entire community

  • Naive puppets played like a cheap fiddle and dancing to the Government’s tune!

All of this, of course, is utter nonsense from start to finish. All of it. Always was. Always will be.


We are completely independent volunteer patients suffering with chronic conditions who have dedicated ourselves to invest what energies and resources we have into advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics for all patients in the UK in the best way that we know how. We absolutely will not stop until there is #nopatientleftbehind including everyone who chooses to Grow Their Own #letusgrow

Over the last 4 or 5 years, we have done a pretty damn good job too! Here’s a few highlights, though there is so much more:

Not bad for a bunch of Volunteer Patients with Chronic Conditions?

We’re also very nice people too:

We have gained the trust and support of many great organisations, MPs and VIPs too:

Also UPA have just been registered as a Stakeholder for NICE throughout the process to create prescribing guidelines for cannabis based medicines. Making sure the voices of patients is heard, bringing our experience and expertise to bear on policy.

UPA Nice Proud.jpg

We want to do more and we need your HELP not hate - If all you can give is money, please DONATE!

Here are some MANY other ways you can help us too

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