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United Patients Alliance and Families4Access have been registered as a stakeholders throughout the National Institute of Care Excellence (NICE) process to create full prescribing guidelines for doctors, for delivery by October 2019.

As you can imagine, we have been inundated with questions from families and patients and we would like to address the most frequently asked questions coming in.

Will the Interim Guidelines address the key questions, and if not - we would seek guidance with being able to answer them.

As of 1 November:

On Cannabis Based Medical Products (CBMP’s) and obtaining treatment:

  • How will clinicians and patients know which CBMPs are available to be prescribed and on what date?

  • Will individual CBMPs be listed as treatments for specific conditions?

  • Will clinicians have details of the costs of CBMPs and will local CCG’s have the information required to cover these costs?

  • If a clinician is prepared to recommend the prescription of a CBMP, how long will the process of considering this prescription take?

  • Will private prescriptions be permissible, from outside the UK?

  • How long will the process be, from initial appointment with GP to receiving treatment?

    Referral > Evidence > Prescription > Import License > Product imported to pharmacy > patient receives medication

As the interim guidelines are to be released by next week, we intend to relay these answers to our advocates.

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