Sarah, Henry and I had a great day visiting Medipen at their Labs in Cardiff with the goal of learning all about what they do, who they are and what plans they have for the future.




We were all pretty impressed with their lab, their new and improved Medipen along with a wider variety of products that they sell through their retail brand: Cannassential

The Medipen along with their Cannassential Product range are being retailed in order to support and raise funds for their primary reason to exist: Harnessing The Medical Potential Of Natural Cannabinoids through professional and approved research that they are progressing at their Labs.

We have to say that they are really doing some exciting stuff that we can't talk about, but we can tell you that in that fridge between Sarah and Henry there are a bunch of Cancer Cells, and they are looking at how formulations of cannabinoids (except THC, for now) impact on those cells.



We can also report that they are showing some breathtaking results form their invitro Phase 1 trials and will be starting Phase 2 trials on this formulation using Zebra Fish, who are apparently an 80% DNA match for humans. 


Henry was thrilled to get into all the technical detail with, Jordan, their dedicated and qualified research scientist. 

Asking difficult questions and making challenges but generally finding out everything we needed to know about both their research and the new Medipen and range of CBD-Rich products


Unfortunately Sam was away doing business, but another Jordan, and one of the owners of Medipen (Chap on the right wearing the white coat) showed us all around and was happy to answer lots more questions about how they do business and what their focus, philosophy and ultimate goals are. 



Based on feedback received after the launch of their original Medipen a couple of years ago, they have decided to strengthen the levels of CBD and other cannabinoids in their product

cannassential products.jpg


The feedback also led to the creation of their brand new Cannassential range, which includes a very high strength product with 5000mg of cannabinoids in a 15ml bottle.  It isn't cheap, mind, costing just under £300, but of course there are other strength choices along with a broader range including capsules and Topicals. 


UPDATE: United Patients Alliance are delighted to be able to pass on some wonderful savings on both their Medipen Pens and Cartridges and their Cannassential Product Range:

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For Cannassential - Please enter the code UPA15 for a 15% discount

Whilst they do have a highly impressive and fully equipped laboratory from which to do their cannabinoid research, they also send all their products to be independently tested. 

They source ALL their materials from GMP certified producers and they feel confident to claim "World Class Cannabinoid Extracts" - From what we have seen with our own eyes, there is no one doing more to guarantee the very highest quality, legal products. No concerns here at all.

If you want to know more about their research plans and facilities, just click below:

Whilst finding out about their CBD products was important it is easy to see that this really is not what gets them out of bed everyday. The approved, clinical research that they are doing is ground breaking and fantastic for the future of the industry and for patients and they are already looking beyond oncology to a number of other conditions which we will be hearing about in due course.  We may even persuade them to come to UPA for trial subjects and get properly involved. Exciting times, indeed.

As they are already looking to the future and are really keen to expand their research to include THC, the law as it stands basically prevents this from happening ,which is why they are happy and keen to support and help United Patients Alliance in our goal of legal access to cannabis therapeutics.

You can be sure that you will be hearing more from Medipen and we are delighted to be working with them and to recommend their products.

They have also made a sizeable donation of Medipen Starter Packs to give away to encourage Safer Cannabis Consumption at our upcoming #PatientsAtParliament protest in support of our Patron Paul Flynn MP's #ElizabethBriceBill on February 23rd 2018

Click on the poster for more details:



Jon Liebling