The Request

Are there any patients who are seeking to explore the “Dutch” route of obtaining a prescription for a Bedrocan product to bring to the UK, legally, for their condition and who would be willing to be filmed throughout the process?

This is as big an ask as it is an opportunity for any patients who would like to share their story and receive the very best help and support on their journey.

The request comes from the Director/Owner of a major Television production company - Screenhouse Productions and close friend of the late Elizabeth Brice - Barbara Govern.

You can read more about Barbara and Screenhouse Productions here:

The aim is to directly involve Medical Professionals, MPs and legal council in support and even to come along on the journey in order to highlight the problems, and legal blockers and anomalies with the current processes in place.

Please don't put yourself forward unless you are a relatively close match to The Patient Story described below.

The Patient Story

It’s the journey idea, literally in this case, so that the audience could hear your medical story up to this point; You haven’t just decided, casually, to try cannabis and you have a good relationship with your medical professionals who are at least have knowledge of your use of cannabis, or wish to use.

You likely have a medicine chest full of strong, prescription drugs and have come to this point because of the pain (physical and/or emotional) you are in and because you have received/agreed professional support that this is a possible route to go down.

Ideally it would be great to see your doctor/pain management team agreeing that you should have a prescription for/access to a cannabis-based medicine.

The audience would then be shown how the route here is blocked and why you/your doctor can’t fill the prescription in the UK and then see how you go about setting up the process and collection from a Dutch pharmacy.

Barbara is very conscious of protecting participants and could use first names only. She wouldn’t want to be encouraging or pushing a patient to go on this journey, but perhaps you want to do this anyway as you have tried most every other option and feel you have nothing to lose.

It would help if we can show how your British NHS doctor supports the use of cannabis.

How to Apply

Whilst there are other considerations and as such should not exclude you, this is a helpful guide as to the "conditions" most likely to succeed in this initiative as they are "approved" in Holland:

Basic Qualifications for Medicinal Cannabis

Doctors can prescribe medical cannabis for any condition if they think that it will have more benefits than previously tried medications but, the National Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) provides an official list of indications they believe have enough scientific evidence to warrant a prescription:

  • Pain and muscle spasms/cramps associated with (MS) or spinal cord damage;
  • Nausea, reduced appetite, weight loss and debilitation associated with cancer and AIDS;
  • Nausea and vomiting caused by medication or radiotherapy for cancer and HIV/AIDS;
  • Long-term neurogenic pain (i.e. originating in the nervous system) caused by, for example, nerve damage, phantom limb pain, facial neuralgia or chronic pain following an attack of shingles;
  • Tics associated with Tourette Syndrome.

Click here for more information: National Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC)

If you think you might be interested and you think you/your story fits (roughly) the description above - or if you know of someone who maybe interested - PLEASE get in touch as soon as you can by sending us an email - Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and to Barbara so no information about you will be shared without your expressed permission - EVER!

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Please include your full name and contact details along with your age, gender, location, condition(s) and a short paragraph describing your situation and relationship with your medical professional(s)

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