Set in a Dutch coffeeshop, Drugs Café will invite adults of all ages and backgrounds to take cannabis, some for the first time. We are testing the theory that cannabis could bring about more harmonious human relationships.

Every visitor will have a clear and heartfelt motivation for trying cannabis, whether they’re looking for a peaceful way to settle a dispute, hoping to take the sting out of a surprising revelation or for those with neurological conditions that is affecting their day to day relationships

Any patients who have NEVER tried cannabis but are seriously thinking about it are strongly encouraged to apply!

If interested please e-mail us TODAY:

Giving: Name, Contact Details (Phone/Email), Age, Location and a brief description of your condition and why you would like to take part?

OR if you prefer, contact the C4 team directly using the details on the flyer below - but PLEASE inform us that you have been in touch so that we can make sure that you are supported.

UPA Team


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