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Patients in Parliament was a unique, powerful and moving Event, with the room at full capacity, attended by over 100 patients  where we heard from UPA Patron and APPG Co-Chair Tonia Antoniazzi, Josh Stanley, the UPA Team and a dozen medical cannabis patients. We owe a great big thanks to Paul Flynn for helping to make this event possible and we ALL wish him a speedy journey back to full health.

A number of other MPs did attend at different times and we also had senior representatives of many more MPs making notes to feedback. It is great to be able to add that we have already been asked to bring another delegation of Patients into meet with a panel of MPs, maybe several times over the next few weeks to help the APPG with their investigations and to help swing the minds of some undecided members of parliament.

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Tonia reminded us about the progress that has been made and how the APPG will focus on Cannabis as Medicine on Prescription so that all patients have a clear and transparent way to access cannabis medicine and asked for our help in meeting with MPs as soon as possible to tell their stories.

“We are making great progress thanks to organisations like UPA getting involved and helping to push the agenda forwards with the most important Patient’s Voice reflected by the fact that today we are inside parliament and talking rather than stuck outside”
— Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Josh Stanley, of the Stanley Brothers, drew parallels between the Charlotte Figgy story and our Billy and Alfie stories and the changes that now must take place. 
He spoke about the endocannabinoid system and how beneficial cannabis is for the human body. Josh reiterated how important it is the policy makers and medical professionals talk to and listen to patients.

 Today we are treating over 40000 Charlotte’s, all over the planet. We are all Charlotte’s and within the next 5 or 10 years we will all be taking a form of cannabinoid replacement therapy
— Josh Stanley

UPA Political Director, Jon Liebling, walked us through the results of the 2016 UPA Medical Cannabis Patient Survey. A survey written for and by medical cannabis patients with fascinating results describing how cannabis is being consumed by patients in the UK today and how it compares with currently available prescription medications.

LAUNCHED TODAY: The New 2018 UK Medical Cannabis Patient Survey

Please fill this in and share it with everyone. The more patients fill this in, the more credible and influential the results will be:

We were honoured to hear from Charlie Brice, speaking about his late mother, Elizabeth Brice, who died of multiple sclerosis aged 54, in 2011 after fighting a long campaign for the medical use of cannabis, based on her experience of the drug's alleviation of her MS symptoms. Thanks to her dedication, the cannabis-based drug Sativex is now available on prescription for MS sufferers across Europe and in north America, a great campaigner who Paul Flynn's Bill was named in honour of and it was her birthday TODAY, July 6th - Happy Birthday Liz! Unsurprisingly the #ElizabethBriceBill did not have the time to be read in Parliament today.


However, the most important and most moving talks, were the patient testimonials: A a dozen or so brave patients told their stories openly of how they came to cannabis and how it helps each of them live a healthier and happier life. Alex Fraser introduced:

A very big thank you to Faye – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carly – Fibromyalgia, Jake – Chronic Pain, Alex- Crohns, Jon – Anxiety and Depression, Jason – Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Clark – Multiple Sclerosis, Abby – Endometriosis, Luzita - Cancer, Sarah – Multiple Sclerosis, Ian - Parkinsons, Neil – PTSD
— UPA Team

All of whom will have their testimonials published (with permission) and sent to their respective MPs. 

We look forward to bringing the Voice of Patients to many more decision makers throughout this exciting process of change towards legal access to cannabis therapeutics and will continue the fight for ALL patients in the UK until we are sure that we have #nopatientleftbehind

Jon Liebling - Political Director