The documentary 'All of Us' highlights the need in the UK for medicinal cannabis for the tens of thousands of patients who are illegally accessing their medicine to treat various ailments. This is done through patients first hand stories at an event which took place in parliament and parliament square in London, with interviews from members of the United Patients Alliance.

All of Us is narrated by a gentleman called Peter. 

Peter explains that he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 12 and how conventional medicines are not working for him. Peter is questioning whether cannabis could help his crohn's, so he decided to do some research. Having heard of an event called 'Patients in Parliament' taking place Portcullis House, Peter made his way to get some insight for his upcoming decision by speaking to many patients about how cannabis specifically helps them.

After hearing from so many heartfelt stories, Peter interviewed a gentleman called Jonathan Liebling who is the Political Director of the UPA. Jonathan gives an explanation as to what Peter and the tens of thousands of other patients can expect in the coming weeks and months in regard to legislation in the United Kingdom and leaves Peter along with the other tens of thousands of patients in the UK a glimmer of hope for the near future.

'All of Us' is a testimonial to upcoming policy changes to bring about positive change in the United Kingdom for 'All of Us', and not just the few. 

Directed by Michael Durban Produced by James Rush

Michael Durban

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