Over the past few months I have met lots of people and companies who are preparing to provide services to Medical Cannabis patients in the UK. Many these are well intentioned, and working with these companies to ensure that patients have stable and wide ranging access is essential to get across the needs and wants of patients who would like to access through the NHS route.

The most well intentioned, and possibly the most 'purple' (patient focused) company I have had the privilege to speak with are Jacana.

They have a stunning eco farm in Jamaica, the plants are fed by a river that runs through the site and they are 100% organic. They are growing multiple strains to give patients plenty of choice and are determined to provide the best quality to patients on the NHS. They have successfully raised a big chunk of investment in order to achieve their goal! We spoke at length about strain choices, what patients want in terms of quality and access to flower as well as oils.

The farm employs locals who often would not have access to certain types of work due to the large number of them who didn't get the chance to learn to read or write. On the back of this; CEO Alexandra; put in an education programme so those that wanted to could learn those skills for free.

They are also pro-GYO and believe patients should ultimately have the choice whether to access their own or prepared medicine.

Here is a look at where the medicine is grown, its beyond beautiful 💚💚💚

Carly xx

Jacana - Promo Video