Today, 22nd March 2019, we can announce the launch of an independent Global Medical Cannabis Hub.

The hub was designed during the inaugural GMCS attended by UPA's Carly Barton earlier this year. The aim of the hub is to ensure there is an overarching framework for sharing, with the sole aim of mobilising access to Medical Cannabis on a global scale.

What exists currently is a sporadic scattering of countries and states who have some kind of access system. This global ‘postcode’ lottery is not ideal, nor is it humanitarian. As a result of this first Summit, the Medical Cannabis Hub is set to join the dots; promoting a culture of sharing amongst countries who are establishing their own set of policies around the introduction of this class of medicines. The core agenda here is access, at the heart of which is a genuine desire to get this right, for the patient
— Carly Barton - Director - UPA

The Summit addressed the most critical issues facing the industry today, helping to accelerate and enhance patient access to medical cannabis. These include building consensus on key issues such as patient accessibility, education, research, and policy reform, as well as defining best practices for regulating medical cannabis on a global scale. To tackle these critical issues, the GMCS introduced a collective pledge to create The Medical Cannabis Hub – an open-source collaborative, independent group. The Hub will ensure medical cannabis serves humanity in the best possible way, with a focus on industry stewardship and evidence-based data.

It will initially focus on three critical objectives:

  1. Creating a shared hub for medical cannabis through standardised data and rapid learning.

  2. Building a network of 200+ scientists to help catalyse funding for research.

  3. Educating and sharing industry best practices to mobilize medical cannabis for the benefit of all.

More information about the summit will be added to the website in the coming weeks

Times are changing and the world is listening.

Carly Barton - Deputy Director - United Patients Alliance