Bluebird Botanicals Review 2021

Bluebird Botanicals offers a variety of CBD products and has managed to dominate the market. There are various reasons why this company has gained prominence and why customers are loving it so much. 

We will also look at whether you rely on this brand for quality products or not. Here’s our Bluebird Botanicals review. 

About The Brand

Bluebird Botanical is not just a brand that sells CBD products. They are aiming at providing happiness, just like their logo, which is the bluebird of happiness. They aim to live up to their logo and hence they make sure they deliver only high-quality products. They try to avoid artificial chemicals as much as possible. All their products are made with the safest botanical supplements.

The company not only spreads happiness through its products but also in various other ways. They have a B Corp Certification for their transparency and association with charities. They aren’t officially associated with any charities but claim to help them. 

Bluebird Botanicals UK makes sure they cater to all kinds of customers, which is why they also offer certified vegan products. Their products do not use any animal products or by-products, nor have been tested on any animals.    

Brand Products

Bluebird Botanicals offers a wide range of products. These include oil extracts, oil capsules, flavoured CBD oil, CBD gummies, THC-free CBD, CBD oils for cats and dogs, and CBD cream. It would be quite challenging to cover all the products from each category, which is why we will look at some of the bestsellers and special products from a few categories. 

1. Classic CBD Oil

First is the classical CBD oil. If you are someone who likes their oil without any extra added flavours or ingredients, this is for you. Made with a full-extract hemp seed oil, this oil includes a wide variety of phytocannabinoids. Not  only does it have CBD, but it also has CBG, CBG-A, CBC, CBC-A, CBN, etc. When mixed, all these ingredients help you feel relaxed in a way that you will never be able to forget. Also, this oil is made with completely natural ingredients and has no herbicides or fertilizers in them. This makes it more organic and safe to consume. You can easily place your trust in the Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil.

2. Classic CBD Oil Capsules

Are you tired of using a dropper and counting your doses? Do you find this method tedious and time-consuming? Well, to solve this exact problem, Bluebird Botanicals presents to you the Classic CBD Oil Capsules. The CBD oil that we talked about before should be taken in particular doses, and you must be very careful to maintain that. However, with capsules, this problem is easily solved. You just take the required amount of capsules and you are done!

Though it is made with the same ingredients as the classic Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil, it also has soft gel and water, which makes the capsule soft and easy to digest.

3. CBD Gummies

Though this product is relatively new, it has become quite popular among customers. With CBD gummies, you can bid goodbye to the bitter organic taste of the CBD. As usual, it is made with full-spectrum hemp extract. To make it easier for you, each gummy has 18 mg of CBD in it, which makes it easier for you to take according to your dosage. 

These gummies come in a variety of flavours- from watermelon, strawberry, and lemon. Also, one of the main ingredients is original cane sugar, which makes them sweet. So, you need not be worried about gaining weight with these gummies.

4. Hemp CBD Sport Lotion

As mentioned before, this company has a great variety of products. Bluebird Botanicals CBD cream is something is one of the most loved products from this company. 

It not only contains full-spectrum hemp extract but also ginger, arnica, mint, jojoba, and coconut oil. All these ingredients together will help your skin stay healthy and well-nourished. It would also make your skin look younger. Hence, you can daily use this lotion for better-looking skin. 

5. Extra Strength Signature CBD Oil + Botanicals

This product truly lives up to the company’s name. If you feel that just the classic CBD oil won’t do for you, you can go for the extra strength one. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract, the hemp seed oil is even compressed. It also contains cold-pressed and organic black cumin. This means that the oil is much more concentrated. In the classic CBD oil, there is only 250 mg per fluid ounce. However, in the concentrated one, you get 1,500 mg per fluid ounce. 

Social Media Sentiment About Bluebird Botanicals

We went to Trustpilot to see what customers had to say about the company. There were only 3 reviews and it had 3.9 ratings out of 5. However, all the reviews were positive and commended the quality of the products. All things considered, the brand seems reliable. However, you can try one or two of their products and decide for yourself. 


We hope you were satisfied with our review of Bluebird Botanicals CBD UK. The company looked good enough and their variety of products impressed us. We would recommend that you give the site a visit and then judge for yourself.