Cannajuice Review 2021

Cannajuice UK is a relatively new brand that deals in the sale and production of CBD-based products, oils, and vape. But frankly speaking, this is one of the brands that have failed to impress. No doubt some products are instant hits amongst its consumer base, but those are non-indigenous products. 

Additionally, all of the mystery and closed doors surrounding the workings of the products themselves do not lend much credibility to their claims. 

In this review of Cannajuice, we will look at the factors and characteristics that have made this brand what it is right now.

About The Brand

As everybody knows, cannabis production, selling, and possession are both prohibited in the United Kingdom. People can use them only for a limited number of personal and/or medical reasons. Cannabis production, cultivation, and processing are all heavily supervised due to the possibility of misuse. You can easily reap the medicinal effects of Cannabis after you extract the chemical agent 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), which is the primary psychoactive agent present in this medication.

THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, is what makes you addicted to it. If you remove the THC present in these compounds, you can easily harvest the good benefits of CBD. People who suffer from epileptic seizures can find it helpful. Back pain and osteoarthritis treatment have also been reported to benefit from it.

However, in today’s generation, referencing or using particular objects is frowned upon. As a result, Cannajuice has stepped up its efforts to make these products more accessible to everyone who wants to help clear the air about this problem.

To learn more about Cannajuice’s services, we must first learn more about the business itself. Cannajuice produces and sells high-quality (supposedly) hemp-based products, such as vapes, oils, and tropicals. Besides that, they have excellent customer service and import all their hemp from throughout the European Union. This increases the prospects for local hemp farmers and is sustainable in the long run.

However, the actual story is quite different from what is being portrayed. Cannajuice is more of a supermarket for cannabis-based products. It features products from other brands as well, apart from its own. It means that you may run across some of the popular products of other brands on their shipping sites. 

This itself is not bad per se. But customers have stated that their best offerings belong in this non-indigenous category. Their own supply of oils and vapes is less than average. Moreover, this website also has sources for purchasing products that have no relation to the recreational use of products containing CBD (for example, bongs, grinders, etc.).

The info pager of the brand makes some ridiculous claims regarding the usage of CBD. CBD does not cure illnesses; it only helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and aids in recovery. The lab reports of the products are not available, further tarnishing the image of the brand. Even the sources and methods of extraction of CBD are not listed, making the whole brand seem shadowy and unstable.

Brand Offerings

The products on Cannajuice mainly belong to other brands. So it can’t get any points for selling what is available elsewhere. However, its own products are no match for its competitors. This brand makes no efforts to advertise or sell its products, further bolsters the haze surrounding it.

The delivery and shipping of products are hassle-free, as is its customer service. The amount of faith that this company enjoys is relatively low. So if you are searching for products for personal use, you would be better off selecting their non-indigenous offerings.

Cannajuice E-Liquid

This is the only product that this brand sells under its name. And beyond its uses and some incomplete information, there is practically nothing to go on about. It comes in three flavours- watermelon, strawberry, and natural. It is filled in bottles of 15 ml. Beyond that, there isn’t any information available.

Social Media Sentiment About Cannajuice

To get a good sense of its visibility and sentiment within its customer base, we looked for all of the reviews on Trustpilot, a trustworthy ranking website. However, this brand does not have a Trustpilot ranking. However, it does have tools for gathering input, such as using social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Reddit.

Many independent observers and websites have also weighed in on the subject and expressed their opinions. And the consensus seems to be the same. This brand is quite shady in its procurements of hemp, production of oils and vapes, and their marketing. There is no reliable scientific data to back up any of its claims. 

Choosing this product can bring more problems than goods, so it is better off to steer clear. The only silver lining is the CBDistellary, which is quite a hit amongst its customers.


We hope you find this Cannajuice UK review to be helpful. This is one of the most recent additions to the list, which got reflected in their operations. This brand has many rumors surrounding it, but using its non-indigenous branded products can keep you safe from any bad deals.