CBD Armour Review 2021

CBD Armour is one of the UK’s leading brands in the CBD race. With innovation and people’s budget in mind, CBD Armour has been working hard to create high-quality CBD products for the masses.

The company works closely with CBD oil specialists to produce the highest quality CBD oils that we deserve. All the products are natural and organic. They keep on upgrading their range to meet the changing needs of people.

CBD Armour is dedicated to creating a world where everyone is healthy and happy. They want people to heal the way nature intended. The main aim of CBD Armour is to create a range of products that helps people remain healthy.

With one of the most comprehensive ranges of CBD products, CBD Armour is well on the way to becoming one of the most sought-after brands in the CBD world. Let us learn all there is to know about the brand in our CBD Armour review.

Who Are They?

As much as their website seems focused on selling masks, gloves, and other medical supplies at the moment (not surprising considering the crazy times we are living in), that is not exactly what CBD Armour does. 

CBD Armour was established for formulating the best CBD product range for the UK. With a wide array of products ranging from oils to edibles, CBD Armour aims at creating efficient and organic CBD products for all.

Their website is quite expansive and includes an entire blog section that has a long list of recipes that can be infused with CBD for making them nutritious, healthy, and delicious at the same time.

CBD Armour has built its reputation over the years by developing high-end CBD oils, capsules, soaps, and other CBD rich ingredients. Being a popular brand in the UK, they are well on the track to becoming a world-class brand.

What Do They Make?

CBD Armour is selling its products under four heads — oils, cosmetics, capsules, and edibles. CBD Armour Diamond is their major highlight. Due to the current pandemic, an additional section for PPE and other medical essentials has been added to the website. Let us have a look at their best CBD products:-


For our CBD Armour Silver Review, we have the same product with an updated name. CBD Oil 10% — Raw and Original is an organic and vegan oil formulated with pure natural ingredients. It is a more refined variant of the CBD Silver.

The oil retains all the great rich terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as there is no post-distillation process in its development. Classed as full-spectrum CBD oil drops, it is one of the finest CBD oils on the market.


With high amounts of CBD oil, this balm is applied directly to the skin. It is a great means of eliminating many skin ailments. It is the ideal choice for people who find it hard to consume CBD oil orally.

Mixed with Organic calendula oil and beeswax, the natural herbal essences give it a pleasant soothing fragrance. For best results, it is recommended to apply the balm in regions where the skin is thin, like behind the knees.

3. 15% CBD SOAP

For improving the wellness of the skin, CBD Armour has created this unique 15% CBD Soap that cleans your skin naturally. It contains essential oils for the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. It moisturizes the skin deeply and is free of lye and detergent.

Produced by traditional methods in clay ovens, the soap is formulated with the finest natural ingredients that ensure long-lasting performance. The entire process of mixing the natural oils and ingredients is done by hand.


With 25mg of high-quality CBD, these capsules are flavorless yet rich in CBD quantities. These capsules increase absorption in the gut and slowly release CBD into the body. Also, these capsules are a great replacement for people who can’t digest the flavour of CBD oil.


An ideal source of plant-based protein, CBD Armour Vegan Protein Powder is an ideal source of pure protein for vegans and vegetarians who can’t resort to meat and fish. Produced from the finest organic hemp seeds, this powder has a complete range of essential amino acids for repairing and rebuilding.

Social Media Sentiments About CBD Armour

CBD Armour has opted for Trustpilot to obtain its reviews. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from over 240 reviews, CBD Armour seems to be doing well at the moment. Most reviewers have appreciated the quality of the products, especially the CBD oil.

For the most part, it is quite clear that people are fans of CBD Armour’s product range. There are a few negative reviews that are mostly revolving around CBD Armour’s decision to sell COVID-relief stuff, which is quite irrelevant for us as this is a CBD Armour review for its CBD range. Overall, people seem to love the products, according to Trustpilot reviews.

As for the response on Reddit, CBD Armour has been mentioned in many threads, the majority of them being positive. There are a few negative ones here and there, but it was great to see that there were defenders of the brand to justify the negative comments. The overall digital report for CBD Armour looks quite healthy and positive.


With the wide range of products and the huge array of benefits associated with those products, CBD Armour is doing a tremendous job reaching the masses and impressing people with its exceptional products and service.

The most loved product seems to be the CBD Armour CBD oil, which is recommended by a lot of people. With its high-quality CBD range, CBD Armour has gradually become quite popular in the UK.