CBD Bristol Review 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, it is quite difficult to find a non-hallucinatory cannabidiol range of products. With an increase in benefits to our health and well-being, several brands have emerged as fresh entrants into the CBD and cannabidiol industry. 

One such brand that is extolled in the UK is the CBD Bristol. This brand, in brief, deals with a variety of products that address topical CBD in a healthy organic, natural manner.

In its basic sense, a topical CBD product consists of lotions, balms, or creams that are infused with the rich nutrients of CBD and can be applied directly onto the skin. 

This CBD Bristol review is designed to provide an insight into the brand, its mission, and its wide range of products.

Apart from distinguishing each product, we have looked at the responses and reviews by existing consumers to check whether the brand works as well as it is exhibited to the general audiences. 

About The Brand 

CBD Bristol is a team of passionate people who aim to highlight the potential benefits of CBD topically. Based in Southwest England, CBD Bristol has created all-natural products since 2017. Each product is fabricated with utmost care and precision and is renowned for its quality. 

Another feather in the cap for the brand is its product composition. The brand aims at ensuring consumers with a 100% vegan and recyclable product to boost an individual’s health and well-being. 

The brand’s main mission is to highlight the scientific emergence of CBD into the medical industry amalgamated with everyday natural substances. 

Furthermore, according to the official website of the brand, every batch of CBD paste undergoes multiple lab tests to understand the ratios of CBD and THC in the product. 

Apart from this, the lab tests of the product paint a picture regarding the spectrum of the product and a method to determine if the products contain any non-decarboxylated raw materials. 


Product Range Of The Brand 

As mentioned above, CBD Bristol is highly regarded for its diverse product range. From muscle rubs, balms, and oils to gift bundles, the brand provides various choices to individuals. 

Let us take a deeper look at the different products offered by the brand, as well as the benefits of using them. 

1. Savasana CBD Muscle Rub

The brand started its journey with a product i.e the Savasana CBD Muscle Rub. Fabricated to soothe and relieve pains and aches in inflamed joints and muscles, this balm is the perfect tool for relaxation after a heavy workout. 

If we were to take a closer look at the ingredients of the balm, we find that it is a harmonious blend of coconut and comfrey oils, as well as other essential oils mixed with CBD. This creates a strong balm to heal inflammation in various parts of the body. 

A unique feature about this particular product is its name. The balm is named “Savasana,” after relaxation time, typically at the end of a yoga class. 

Furthermore, this particular product is created in three sizes to cater to your needs, requirements, and budget. 

They are a 30 mL aluminum tin comprising 300 mg of CBD, a 50 mL aluminum tin comprising 500 mg of CBD, and a 120 mL glass jar comprising 1200 mg of CBD. 

Consumers are given an option to select the best size and strength as per their movement of muscles and budget. 

2. Shaki Moontime CBD Butter-Menstruation Cramp Soothing Balm

Another impeccable product by the brand is its Shakti Moontime CBD Menstruation Cramp Relieving Balm. 

As the name suggests, this balm is designed to relieve any discomfort or pain caused due to menstrual bleeding. Every ingredient in the balm is natural and provides maximum benefits for women during this time. 

The best part about it is that every purchase comes with a free, downloadable massage guide that can help increase consumer awareness regarding the usage of the product. 

Moreover, the balm is a unique blend of CBD, cacao butter, peach kernel oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, and shea butter. In terms of essential oils, the product consists of frankincense, patchouli, rose, rosemary, sage, sweet orange, and plenty of other enriching oils. 

Every product by this particular brand has a unique name that denotes its true meaning. One such name is Shaki. In Sanskrit, this word reflects the female principle of divine energy. 

Therefore, the creators of the brand wanted to manufacture a product to delve deeper within themselves during that painful time of the month. 

Like the previous product, this balm is created in three different sizes. Individuals can choose a size depending upon their required CBD strength. 

3. CBD Oil 

The last but not the least product by the brand is its renowned CBD oil. This CBD oil Bristol is a collection of oils composed of the finest CBD ever made available. Apart from comprising CBD, these oils also consist of organic oil, 2.52% of CBG as well as other cannabinoids. 

On the whole, these are just some of the remarkable products by the brand.  The brand also has other unique and diverse products as a part of its collection. 


Social Media Sentiment 

To understand the reactions of different people to the brand and its products, we took a look at various CBD reviews on the Trustpilot website. After immense amounts of reading and analysis, we found that the brand delivers in terms of quality and provides consumers with a user-friendly product. 

Besides, they are known for their fabulous customer service, which we feel is an important aspect when purchasing any product. 

On the whole, the brand, indeed, delivers what it advertises to its customers, as it checks all the boxes in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. 


From the above discussion, it is quite evident that CBD Bristol has received a lot of positive feedback for its distinct range of products. We hope that this CBD Bristol review is of help when looking for organic, natural CBD-based products.