CBD Clinical Trials UK (Project 21)

Project 21 is the UK’s largest medical cannabis trial amongst its citizens. 

Started by one of the UK’s top independent drug authorities, Drug Science, this project aims to convince various bodies and policymakers of the various medical benefits of cannabis and developing confidence in providing this clinical CBD to patients.

 Let us delve deeper to gain a better understanding of what this project is exactly as well as the current barriers faced by patients in accessing medical cannabis. 

What Is Project 21?

As mentioned above, Project 21 is one of the largest clinical trials in the UK. This trial is led by campaigner and drug specialist Professor David Nut.

Furthermore, this trial will also feature 20,000 patients who are suffering from a wide spectrum of conditions.

The main objective of this particular trial is to build strong evidence in favour of the efficacy of medical cannabis. Drug Science strongly believes that this trial will help convince people that cannabis has immense medical and therapeutic benefits.

Also, this particular project has partnered with 5 licensed manufacturers to administer a unique form of cannabis-based prescriptions at an affordable rate.

The current pandemic situation has been an advantage for this project. Covid-19 has made it possible for doctors and clinicians to provide consultations, thereby reducing the overall cost.

Target Audience

Project 21 is a specific trial that caters to people with the following conditions. These include individuals who suffer from epilepsy, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Tourette’s syndrome as well as substance use disorder.

Current Barriers

Before understanding the implications of Project 21, it is important to take into account the current scenario.

Firstly, Cannabis is a drug that has been contentious for centuries. In simpler terms, cannabis has both positive and negative views and has always been a debatable issue.

However, this apprehension can be dealt with by educating the masses about the true medicinal properties of cannabis.

Another barrier to accessibility is the cost. Medical Cannabis, before this project, has been primarily prescribed by private companies, making them slightly expensive.

With the legalization of cannabis and Project 21, individuals can obtain cannabis at affordable rates for the benefit of their health and well-being.

In addition to the above, licenses for medical cannabis are only provided to those suffering from specific ailments. These can be funded and prescribed by the NHS.

Under these guidelines, even if a person does have one of the required conditions required for a license, they will need to look for a doctor who is qualified to prescribe medical cannabis.

On the whole, due to these reasons, Project Twenty21 has been developed.


On the whole, Project 21 takes us a step closer to successfully understanding the medicinal uses of cannabis and providing a healthier alternative to patients.