CBD Crystals

In the last few years, CBD has been proven to be beneficial for several issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This has led many countries like the UK to legalise CBD products which have slowly become quite popular with a lot of consumers. 

However, some individuals might still not know how certain CBD products work and CBD crystals are one of the products. What are they? How do they work? What are the benefits? If you have been asking these questions, we have a handy guide for you. 

What Are CBD Crystals?

CBD crystals are a pure form of CBD extracted from cannabis plants. Out of the many compounds present in cannabis, CBD is an extremely useful one. It has numerous potential benefits that are still being discovered by researchers. 

There are usually three kinds of CBD products:

  • Full Spectrum: This contains small (and legal) amounts of THC, along with the complete range of substances present in phytochemicals like flavonoids and terpenes.
  • Broad Spectrum: This contains all the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis except for THC. 
  • Isolate: This only contains CBD.

It is quite evident that CBD crystals come in the isolate form and are ideal for those who get a little wary about products containing THC. 

CBD is usually extracted from cannabis plants by processes such as steam distillation, CO2 extraction, and solvent extraction. However, in order to attain the crystalline form, they are further refined (98-99% purity). The crystals look like any other shattered, small crystals and are highly soluble in water. 

How Do CBD Crystals Work?

CBD crystals come in various strengths. However, you do not have to worry about overdosing, since CBD is non-toxic. Now, since taking a higher dosage might cause wastage, you can check out the recommended amount on the label. 

For the first time, the usual dosage recommended is somewhere between 5 to 25 mg. You can start with a small dose, and wait for the effects to kick in. If it seems too mild, you can take a slightly larger dose the next time. 

These crystals are extremely versatile and can be used in more ways than any other CBD product. The following lists some of the several ways you can consume these crystals:


Vaping is a pretty common way of consuming CBD. You will need a quality vapouriser particularly made for concentrates. You simply need to put the crystals in place, heat them to a moderately high temperature, and inhale. 

Vaping is often preferred to other ways of consuming CBD since the effects kick in sooner and give you an overall better experience. 


Dabbing is considered to be the most efficient way of consuming CBD crystals. Like vaping, dabbing also provides you with immediate effects. However, you would need some accessories such as a dab rig, a dabbing tool, and a torch lighter. 

Dabbing works quite like vaping. Put the crystals on the dabbing tool, heat the nail with your torch till it’s red hot, wait for a minute, but the crystals on the nail till they melt, and inhale. 

CBD E-Liquid

If you already have some non-CBD e-liquid or vape liquid, you can always add some CBD to it. All you need to do is measure the right amount of dosage and mix it in the liquid until it is dissolved entirely. 

Do note that you should not be using e-liquids that have nicotine in them. Also, if you have difficulty mixing the two, you can find plenty of blogs explaining the right way to do it. 


This is one of the best ways to use CBD crystals! It works as any other natural dietary additive in your cooking and dissolves with ease. You can try infusing the crystals into coconut oil or butter to make your edibles.

Use your choice of vegetarian fat, be it oil or butter, and melt it at a very low temperature. Then add the crystals and stir until they are fully dissolved. You can use this mixture with the other ingredients to cook your food. Anyone thinking about brownies? 

Like other edibles, this would also take about one or two hours to kick in. But, unlike cannabis, CBD crystals would not add any overwhelming taste to your food. 

Dissolve Under Tongue

CBD oils are mostly consumed this way. But you can also try holding the recommended amount of crystals under your tongue for about a minute or two until they dissolve. Do keep in mind that this method lets the effects kick in almost immediately. 

CBD Lotions And Creams

Want to use CBD for skincare? You can simply blend CBD crystals into creams, balms, and lotions. It is even better than the CBD lotions available since you get to regulate the amount of CBD in it. 

If you love customized skincare products, this is a great option. If you, however, want to take it a bit further, you can try making your own lotion from scratch. Find your preferred base, like shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc, add the CBD crystals and for the final touch add your favourite fragrances or essential oils. 


Yes, you can make your own CBD oil from scratch! But wait, not just essential oils, but cooking oil as well. Simply add the number of crystals you want to room temperate cooking oil or even essential oils and wait for it to dissolve.

Benefits of CBD Crystals

CBD works by acting on the cannabinoid receptors of our bodies. The human body creates its own cannabinoids which influence body functions such as appetite, memory, pain perception, and so on. The potential effects of CBD include:

  • Anxiety and insomnia: Studies have shown that CBD can help relieve anxiety and promote better sleep in a lot of individuals.
  • Chronic pain: It can provide you relief from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, back pain, etc.
  • Boosting immune system
  • Regeneration of the nervous system


CBD crystals being an isolated form, are non-psychoactive and versatile. So feel free to experiment with it in all the possible ways we have discussed. However, do make sure that you are buying quality products. And lastly, remember to read the label to find out all about the product and the recommended dosage.