CBD Essence Review 2021

CBD oil supplements run out in the market as soon as they arrive, thanks to their growing popularity and a long list of benefits. Many brands are making quite a lot of money in the CBD market and many others are keen to jump in, especially in the UK.

Since 2014, CBD Essence has been providing people with a healthier and happier life. Since the beginning, they have focussed on creating balanced and pure CBD products for the customers.

Their main goal since inception is to provide people with the most consistent and reliable Essence CBD Pure Oil that is potent and absorbable and gives quick results. Read our Essence CBD Review to know more about the remarkable brand.

Who Are They?

Started in 2014 by Don Ballou, CBD Essence has quite a fascinating reason behind being created — the creator couldn’t find a satisfactory CBD product for managing his AD/HD. He had spent most of his life struggling with the symptoms of AD/HD like aggression, lack of concentration, absent-mindedness, anger, anxiety, and also, depression.

Don discovered that the only thing that allowed him to live a complete life was the constant and regular use of CBD oil. After browsing through and using multiple CBD products on the market, Don decided that it was time that he started his own brand. 

The idea was to create high-quality CBD products by using the best technologies, unlike many other brands that were resorting to cheap techniques for mass-producing CBD products. He aimed at creating the best CBD oil by using ideal manufacturing practices for creating small batches of CBD products. Thus, CBD Essence UK was born.

Essence CBD pure oil was to be created by using the best technologies without any harmful chemicals, no matter the cost. Don invested in the purest processing method called CO2 Extraction and decided that the products would be delivered to the customers within 24-hours of manufacturing. The result was the freshest, purest, and most natural CBD oil.

Today, Essence CBD pure oil is one of the most potent and absorbable oils on the market. Don’s exceptional vision and dedication established CBD Essence UK as one of the best CBD brands in the UK markets.

What Do They Make?

CBD Essence UK believes in creating smaller batches of CBD products so that the highest quality and purest products can be created. This helps in maintaining consistency. Regardless of profit margins and scalability, this small-batch practice has not been altered since the inception of CBD Essence UK.

With no fillers or substitutes, CBD Essence UK creates some of the most natural and fresh CBD products available in the market. Here are some of their best products:-

1. CBD Oil Tinctures

Essence CBD pure oil is one of the best means to relieve pain, insomnia, and manage many other health issues. With the perfect blend of 100% natural healing ingredients and hemp extracts, CBD Oil Tinctures from CBD Essence UK are fast-acting formulas with no potential side effects.

The best-selling hemp oils are available in various flavours like tangy and sweet. These oils have become the best friends of doctors. Just 4 non-GMO ingredients are utilized in producing this pure hemp colloidal emulsion bottled in liquid form. Complete with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, you get the maximum entourage effect.

2. CBD Capsules

With 35mg of premium grade full spectrum CBD per capsule, these CBD capsules make recovery quick and simple. It has a blend of coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, and hemp extract that is easily absorbed by the body.

A powerful mix of 100% healing ingredients, CBD capsules are fast-acting with no side effects or psychoactive effects. With just 3 ingredients, these capsules are a fine example of purity with definite results.

3. CBD Edibles

What better to get your daily dose of CBD than having gummies? CBD chewy candies have all the benefits of CBD with a sweet and tangy taste. Made with 100% natural ingredients, CBD Edible Chewy Gummies have 10 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content per Piece infused into classic candies.

4. CBD Pets

This is a fascinating category of CBD products specially designed for your dogs and other pets. The CBD biscuit treats contain special liposomal formulated for the highest absorption. It gives confidence to shy dogs and promotes calmness for the hyper ones.

5. CBD Topicals

The first full-spectrum hemp cream and CBD lotion synergistic action pain relief formula, this lotion can be used by those who are fitness freaks and need some necessary recovery from pain and damage due to intensive training. It smells great and leaves no greasy layers.

6. CBD Vape

A good food-grade vaporizing blend, CBD Vape comes from organically grown hemp plants. After proper CO2 Extraction, the essence is mixed with other natural ingredients and oils to give a vape blend like no other in the market.

Social Media Sentiment About Essence CBD

Essence CBD Reviews found on TrustPilot are quite amazing. With 536 reviews, the brand has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 which is exceptionally good for a relatively young brand. Most of the customers are appreciative of the prompt service and value for money.

People find Essence CBD pure oil to be extremely effective for pain and speedy recovery. They love how the delivery is so quick and the support extended by the executives in case of any issues. Overall, the brand has earned a decent name for itself in just a few years.


With the wide range of products and the huge array of benefits associated with those products, CBD Essence UK is doing a brilliant job in reaching the masses and impressing people with their exceptional products and service.

The small-batch concept helps in creating the highest grade CBD products with top-notch purity and potency. CBD Essence UK has won a lot of hearts in just a short span of 7 years with its fabulous products and excellent service.