CBD One Review 2021

If you have been searching for some reputable CBD companies in the UK, chances are that you have stumbled upon CBD One. This family-owned business offers a wide variety of CBD-based products with a strong emphasis on quality.

In this CBD One review, we will be looking at the brand and what it has to offer. We will also look at what customers feel about their products to decide whether it’s worth your time and money or not. Read on for more!

About The Brand 

Let’s take a moment to know the story behind the brand origins before starting on our CBD One review. The brand was founded by brothers Nick and Alex in memory of their brother Deno, whom they lost in 2012. 

They first became aware of the benefits of CBD while Deno was battling Multiple Sclerosis. But, unfortunately, at that time, there weren’t many trustworthy brands that made good quality CBD products.

After losing their brother, the duo continued their research on CBD and its potential benefits. After years of work, they launched CBD One with an extensive range of products that would benefit people suffering from various health issues. 

It is a family-run business, with the brothers being entirely associated with all the processes from beginning to the end to ensure that only the best quality products reach the customers. Alex uses his entrepreneurial skills to manage marketing, customer care, and sales, while Nick is an Osteopath who is available for any health-related questions by a customer.

The brand promises to provide only the best quality products. Even the hemp for their CBD range is sourced from farmers with three generations of knowledge about the plant. Their products are crafted with the help of a team of experts in the Netherlands with strict quality control measures.

What impressed us was how the brothers strive to add a personal touch – instead of being a faceless brand, they are always ready for a discussion with a potential customer to find the best product suited for their specific needs.


Brand Offerings

CBD One has an extensive range of products created to serve the varied needs of its customers.

In case you are a beginner and not sure which one to go for, they have this wonderful little quiz on their website for you. Based on the answers to some specific questions, it can recommend the most suitable product as per your requirements.

You can opt for CBD oils, water-soluble CBD shots and powder, and topicals from their specially curated range. To make it easier for potential customers, we have briefly described all their products below.

1. CBD Oils

The CBD One oils are available in 5 variants. Of these, 4 are CBD oils, while one is a CBD – CBG blend.

The Life Edition CBD oil is a low-strength product that is perfect for people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD while on a budget. Each 10 ml bottle contains around 250 mg of CBD blended with hemp seed oil.

The other 3 CBD oils are part of their Signature Blend range and are available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg variants. These are also available in 10 ml bottles and have a rich terpene profile. 

The Select Blend No.1 is the sole offering in their CBG range. It blends 300 mg CBG and 300 mg CBD with hemp and hemp seed oil and is available in a 20 ml bottle. You get around 480 drops approx per bottle.

These CBD One tinctures are full-spectrum and have around 12 % bioavailability. As it is blended in hemp seed oil, you get a subtle and natural earthy flavour. Also, you get the option of purchasing either a single bottle or in combos or 2 or 5 bottles. And well, you save quite a few bucks when you order in bulk!

2. Drinkable CBD Products

If you are not comfortable taking CBD oils, you can check out their fantastic water-soluble CBD product range. We love their drinkable CBD products as you can add them to any beverage – both hot and cold. 

Their CBD shots are part of the Absorb range and come in 3 variants – Absorb Life+, Absorb Ultra+, and Absorb Pure+. These are available in 10 ml bottles and contain 250 mg, 400 mg, and 800 mg CBD, respectively.

The best part about these shots is that these are 99% bioavailable, i.e., it gets absorbed in the bloodstream much quicker than CBD oils or other products. 

The other drinkable product that we were most impressed with is the Hatcha hemp powder. This is a CBD-based powder that you can use in teas, smoothies, or the like to get your daily CBD dose. It is available in a 50 gm jar containing around 750 mg of full-spectrum Cannabinoids.

3. Topical CBD

CBD One offers a wonderful skincare cream – the Complete+. Specially crafted for dry, chapped, and rough skin, the cream is infused with 275 mg of CBD extracts and various natural oils and extracts that work wonders to make the skin soft and supple. The certified organic cream is available in a 110 ml jar.

If you are looking for pain-relief solutions, the Release CBD Patches are a great option to try out. These slow-release patches are incredibly easy to apply and work over 12-36 hours. Perfect for athletes, each of the patches contains around 15 mg CBD and is totally free from any THC content. Each pack contains 30 patches.

4. CBD Bundles

Last but not least, the brand offers some specially designed bundle packs combining multiple products – at a discount!

The AM/PM bundles offer you the choice of purchasing one CBD oil and one water-soluble shot of your choice (among the available bundle variants).

The Inside & Out bundle offers the combination of the Complete+ with either their CBD oil or a CBD shot.

The All Bases bundle is created to provide you with a complete CBD solution. You can choose from 2 variants, each containing the CBD cream, a CBD shot, and a CBD oil.


Social Media Sentiment 

While we were pretty impressed with their product range, we were also interested in knowing what customers think about their products. We took a look at our favourite review platform, Trustpilot, and found that the reviews did not fall short of our expectations.

CBD One has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the platform, which is excellent. Although the number of reviews was relatively less, we are yet to find even one CBD One review that speaks negatively about their products.

Even their Facebook page is full of positive reviews – they actually have a 5 out of 5 there (based on 66 reviews)! Customers talk about the efficacy of their products and how helpful the team and the founders are.  


We hope that our CBD One review would be helpful for all customers looking forward to trying out the products of the brand.

In our opinion, this is a reliable brand with a wonderful product range – and their customer reviews testify to this fact too. The other thing that makes us recommend the brand is its wonderfully responsive team (including the founders), who are always ready to answer every query of their customers.