CBD Tardis Review 2021

You will find many people in and around Scotland who still approach Dutch companies to buy CBD products, unaware of the in-house CBB product companies operating in the country today. After 2016, the CBD market expanded exponentially in the UK. 

Several new manufacturers and sellers entered the market, and ever since, customers in Scotland have had plenty of options to choose from. Among all these, CBD Tardis can be labeled as one of the pioneer companies in Scotland’s CBD domain. So, we thought of trying out their products and giving you an honest CBD Tardis review. Read along! 

Who Are They? 

A company that claims to be Scotland’s 1st hemp dispensary, CBD Tardis, was started in 2015. Their year of establishment is of significance because they started in 2015 when CBD wasn’t legal in the UK. As laws changed, Tardis was all but ready to go all guns blazing and subsequently emerged as a premium brand within a few years. The store is located in a small Police Box on Sauchiehall Street. 

While it is a very strange location for a CBD store, being right in the middle of a busy street makes it more visible and accessible. Years back, a man named Chris McKenzie would sell CBD illegally from this exact location. In a way, the Police Box is where the CBD business actually started in Scotland. 

Companies with such backgrounds usually make it big. The same happened with CBD Tardis. However, of late, the rebranding strategies and other business approaches have not been very successful. Still, CBD Tardis is a force to reckon with in and around Scotland. 


Brand Offerings

1. CBD Oil Tinctures

One of the most popular products sold by CBD Tardis Glasgow is CBD oil tincture bottles. These small bottles contain concentrated herbal CBD extracts that are usually taken for therapeutic benefits. Although these tinctures are available in a concentrated form, variants with different strengths are also present. It is recommended that users begin with lower strengths and gradually increase the concentration. 

3,5,10 percent of oral tinctures are sold currently by Tardis. Every bottle of these oil drops contains roughly about 200 drops. They provide a dropper with each unit. Oral consumption of the tinctures can be done a maximum of 3-4 times a day. Among different types of oil drops, you get an option between hemp and cannabis-based tinctures. 

The hemp-based tinctures are an excellent source of natural Omega-3 fatty acid, while people widely use cannabis-based tinctures for analgesic properties. Both these tinctures are available in a variety of flavours as well. The customers can choose between cinnamon, mint, and citrus flavours, respectively. 

Another great thing about the CBD oil Tardis Glasgow is that besides taking them with a dropper, you can also make them using any regular vaporiser. It is a good product with excellent nutritional value, some therapeutic benefits, and beneficial ingredients. 

2. CBD Concentrates

The company also produces CBD concentrates meant to provide a much stronger high after very little consumption. Customers should take these products very cautiously and raise the strength of the concentrate gradually. Ranging between 25 and 95%, these concentrates are highly effective, and many seasoned CBD users prefer them. Moreover, several types of concentrates are available at CBD Tardis, having a variety of flavours. The primary flavours include butter crumble, original crumble, and shatter. 

One thing to note here is that all these concentrates are prepared from pure cannabis only. Thus, they do not have any amount of THC or terpenes. A lot more variety was available earlier in this category. However, with the new rebranding strategy in place, a lot has changed. 

3. E-Tinctures

Keeping the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes and vaporisers in mind, CBD Tardis introduced its e-tincture line of products. These can either be used with a vaporiser, regular e-cigarette or can be consumed orally. Available in several natural flavours, the Citrus flavour of these e-liquids is in popular demand these days. 

Customers can purchase any bottle between 100 to 3000 mg, having different strengths of CBD extracts. These tinctures, meant for e-cigarettes, are made with cannabis only. The only shortcoming is that the variety is not as good as what some other brands are offering today. 


Social Media Sentiment

Social media is quite divided on its views about CBD Tardis. The rebranding implemented by the company has created a lot of confusion among customers. On top of that, the pricing differences between the three business lines emerging from the rebranding have made people sceptic. For those who don’t know, CBD Tardis is now selling products under three website names- CBD Tardis Glasgow, CBD Scotland and CBDtec. 

If you are willing to search through all these three websites, you will surely find a great variety. However, most users do not know about this rebranding, and hence, they show discontent on seeing limited variety on a particular website. People also write about the quality issues in products available now. While CBDTec has lower prices, people doubt the authenticity of its products. Conversely, the CBD Tardis Glasgow products are labelled as overpriced by some. 

Most users have positive things to say about the customer service provided by the company. It’s just that some people warn you about the bizarre claims that executives make about the benefits of their CBD products to improve sales. In all, the latest social media sentiment about CBD Tardis is not very encouraging. 


In conclusion, we would like to reiterate that CBD Tardis now operates under three different brand names in the UK, but they are still under single ownership. Moreover, if you are willing to search through the stores of all these three business lines, you will get a lot of things to choose from. However, the original craze for CBD Tardis products seems to get a little dwindled now. 

So, the verdict from this CBD Tardis review is that you should go ahead and buy their products only if you are ready to search through different sites and stores.