CBDPure Review 2021

Established in 2016, CBDPure is a well-reputed CBD brand that boasts of providing some of the best quality CBD products globally.

Although this is a US-based brand, they ship their products to various locations around the world, including the UK. Having heard a few good words about their products, we decided to go for an in-depth review of the company and its products.

In case you were wondering whether to try out their products or not, our CBDPure review is sure to be of some help. Read on for more!

About The Brand

CBDPure is a family-owned company based in Washington, USA, that was founded to make the best quality CBD oil available to the public. Focussed on quality, the brand sources hemp from local farms in Colorado and Washington, where it is grown organically without any use of herbicides and pesticides.

The brand takes the purity of its CBD products very seriously. They follow a pure CO2 supercritical extraction process for manufacture, which helps retain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial substances found in the hemp plant in their products.

Every batch of their products is tested by third-party labs, the reports are which can be accessed on their website. What we really liked is that they keep on updating the lab reports whenever they put up a new batch for sale, and you can also access the reports of previous batches (up to 24 months old) just by entering the batch number found at the bottom of the product bottle.

What makes the brand stand out from the others is its 90-days money-back guarantee. Yes, you read that right – if you are unsatisfied with the quality of their products, you can send your order back to get a full refund – with no questions asked! 

This does make the brand worth trying out, as you need to be sure of the quality of your products to stand by them with such confidence.


Brand Offerings

Now that we have got a basic idea of how the brand works, let’s move on to the products they offer. CBDPure offers a limited range of products consisting of CBD oils, CBD soft gels, CBD cream, and CBD for pets.

Being aware of the products offered by the brand is an advantage for anyone looking forward to giving them a chance. So, in our CBDPure review, we have briefly described each of the brand offerings to help you select the one you need. Take a look below!

1. CBD Oil

The CBDPure hemp oil is a blend of high potency CBD extracts in an unprocessed natural hemp oil base. This gives it a natural earthy taste. It is a full-spectrum oil, available in three strength variants.

The CBDPure 300 is created for beginners who want to explore the benefits of CBD on their health and comes with 300mg of CBD per bottle (60 ml). It provides you with 10 mg of CBD per serving.

The most popular of their CBD oil range, the CBDPure 600 is a medium-strength variant suited for regular CBD users. Each 60 ml bottle contains around 600 mg of high-quality CBD. It provides around 20 mg of CBD in each serving.

If you are looking for a stronger dose, the CBDPure 1000 might just be the one you need. Available in a 60 ml bottle, it contains 1000 mg of CBD extracts. This highly-concentrated full-spectrum CBD oil provides you with around 33 mg of CBD per daily serving. 

2. CBD Softgel

For people who dislike the taste of hemp CBD oils or are struggling with the proper way of using them, CBD soft gels are a lifesaver! The CBDPure 750 encases the power of CBD in an easy-to-swallow soft gel shell made of vegetable glycerin and gelatin.

Each soft gel (one serving) contains around 25 mg of CBD that can be taken orally without any hassle. It has a neutral taste without the flavour of organic hemp oil.

3. CBD Cream

The CBDPure Muscle & Joint 250 combines around 250 mg of CBD with natural extracts like White Willow Bark and Menthol to make it more effective in relieving pain and providing comfort.

The brand claims that the product provides “quicker, stronger and cleaner relief” than any other CBD cream available in the market. While we aren’t entirely sure of the truth of the above claim, the company does make a strong case in its favour by offering a hassle-free refund policy if one can find a better CBD cream. 

4. CBD For Pets

Last but not least, the brand offers a low-strength CBD oil that you can use for your pets. The CBDPet 100 is available in a 60 ml bottle and contains around 100 mg of CBD. You can use it as a dietary supplement for your pets by simply mixing it with their food.


Social Media Sentiment 

While we were rather impressed overall with the brand, we thought of checking out the social media sentiment to know how customers feel about the brand. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any CBDPure reviews on Trustpilot, which makes it difficult for us to provide an unbiased opinion on the products of the brand. 

We also took a look at Reddit and were rather disappointed to see that not much discussion about the brand was going on here either. While we would have liked to know about the actual experiences of customers using CBDPure products, the lack of negative reviews does make us believe that the brand is worth trying out.


We hope that this CBDPure review would be helpful for potential customers looking forward to trying out products from the brand. Although the absence of customer reviews greatly restricts us from providing a proper judgment of the efficacy of the products, we feel that the 90-day money-back guarantee itself speaks volumes of the product quality.

While the price of the products is somewhat on the higher side as they focus on providing only the top quality CBD, you can make use of available CBDPure coupons to get some discount!

Overall, we feel that the brand is worth a try, although we would have liked it better if they had a more extensive range of CBD products.