Cannabis is medicine. With an increasing weight of evidence to support this, other countries have legalised and regulated access. By rescheduling to Schedule 2 (reclassifying it) in October 2018, the UK parliament has officially recognised that cannabis has medical value, however vast challenges lie ahead in terms of getting this medicine into the hands of the estimated >1 million patients who could benefit from it.

The UK’s first medical cannabis support group, led by patients, for patients; United Patients Alliance provide tireless advocacy, compassionate campaigning, and essential education, to safeguard the patients’ voice in advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics.

Operating on a tiny budget, and led by a team of volunteer patients, we've been instrumental in lobbying the government to reschedule cannabis to allow it to be prescribed, and have gained support from high-profile individuals such as Professor David Nutt, former government drugs minister Norman Baker and Caroline Lucas MP.

Every penny raised will go towards our projects, development, and advocacy efforts.

The UK cannabis industry is now growing at a rapid pace. Your support is needed to ensure that UPA continue to safeguard patient rights in the unsettled environment of the medical cannabis industry.

Representing an estimated >1 million UK medical cannabis patients, we engage with politicians, medical professionals, academic researchers, legal experts, the police, the media, charities and the general public. Our projects are aimed at educating different audiences, campaigning for changes to the way cannabis is handled legally and advocating for patient rights. Fighting the historical stigma around medical cannabis, we assist and guide our community of patients, carers and supporters.


United Patients Alliance Ltd are a Not For Profit organisation led by patients for patients. Our charity application is in progress. Unfortunately everything we do costs money as well as time.

You can help by donating now, applying to become a volunteer, or by becoming a Member!