Daiba CBD Review 2021

With the ever increased awareness about CBD’s surprising benefits in the last few years, the CBD market has experienced dramatic growth in its number of brands. Manufacturers are offering the goodness of nature to the customers and simultaneously eliminating the stigma that we have around cannabinoids.

Daiba organics is one such emerging brand in the CBD market that is providing Daiba CBD oil and other high-quality products since 2017. In our Daiba CBD Review, we’ll discuss all the major products manufactured by the brand and review their performance.

At the end of the review, you’ll be 100% sure if Daiba is the right store for your daily CBD dosage or not. So, let’s start with the introduction of the brand. 

About The Brand

Daiba is a CBD manufacturing startup by two nature enthusiasts – Daisy and Bart, hence, “DaiBa.” The brand aims towards a healthy lifestyle, and its primary focus is to connect masses with nature-inspired therapy. It is an avid proponent of a sustainable lifestyle, and for that reason, it doesn’t use any artificial methods, heat, or fillers in the processing.

After its inception in 2017, the brand has made only vegan products and adopted biodegradable packaging methods. It uses recycled products for its production and goes for the old-fashioned cold-pressing plant-to-bottle formula.

Another significant aspect of the brand’s manufacturing is that it doesn’t filter out the chlorophyll like several other CBD manufacturers. Hence, its products offer you a more natural and unfiltered feel.


Brand Offerings

Daiba produces several types of herbal products ranging from adaptogenic mushrooms to  Daiba CBD oil, chocolates, and skincare products. The brand also offers various lifestyle products, and the best part is – it gives 50% of the clothing sales to natural causes like the Australian Koala Foundation.

Daiba Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Daiba’s mushroom supplements bring the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, i.e., mushrooms, to your home. All the mushroom supplements are free of gluten, nuts, or GMO and made by eco-friendly processes. The 60 capsule bottles contain several food supplements with rich nutritional elements.

Besides that, Daiba’s Mushroom products also come in the form of coffee and drink sachets containing several flavours and natural extracts.

Organic CBD Oils

Daiba Organic CBD oil contains whole plant extract and has no artificial substitution with natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and chlorophyll. Even all the cannabis offered by the brand is grown in organic soil and doesn’t use any sort of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or any harmful chemicals.

As a result, you get organic full-spectrum CBD oil made with classic cold-pressing methods.

Its CBD Oils come in 250mg, 550mg, and 1000mg options, and you can have one according to your daily CBD requirements. All the variants arrive in 10 ml bottles that can last up to a couple of months.

CBD Chocolates

Daiba offers its CBD chocolates in two different variants. 

The first one is the Solkiki bars that are made by award-winning Solkiki Chocolate makers. These plant-based (Gran Nativo 63%) dark milk chocolates are infused with Daiba’s 5.5% full spectrum, cold-pressed CBD oil and thus, contain the goodness of raw CBD and fruity chocolaty flavours.

The other ones are Hemp Love 7 bars pouches that come in two flavours, namely citrus and rose.

CBD Organic Tea

Daiba has a plethora of organic tea options that embrace the rich aromas of authentic herbs and the therapeutic qualities of CBD. The most popular ones among these teas are Green Detox and Restore Tea, Wake Up and Revive Tea, Sleep Well and Relax Tea, and Feeling Fruity Tea. 

Daiba also sells these beautiful Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser Baskets that make the tea-making process effortless and sophisticated.

Other than organic teas, Daiba has two special teas made with unique blends of herbs- CBD flower TEa and Butterfly Blue Pea Tea.

Natural Skincare

One most beneficial quality of CBD is that it promotes healthy skin and acts as an incredible skincare agent. In its skincare products, Daiba has two items for its customers.

The first one is Healing Balm that contains organic Spruce Pine Resin, Hemp oil extract, and jojoba wax. It comes in a 30ml pack and can be used for varied purposes, such as moisturizing dry hands. 

The other one is Nucure Skin (CBD+Propolis) Balm. It has the remedial qualities of two powerful natural ingredients, i.e., CBD and Propolis. Plus, it is 100% organic, and you can use it for aches, pain irritations, and your daily skincare.

These products don’t use any plastic or GMO and are handmade with special care of authentic ingredients.

Lifestyle & Clothing

Daibawear also makes unisex T-shirts and sweatshirts that feature 100% organic cotton and eco prints. 

As already mentioned, the best part about this clothing range is that 50% of all clothing sales go to the Rain Forest Alliance & the Australian Koala Foundation. So, whenever you buy something, you contribute to a good cause.


Social Media Sentiment 

Daiba’s authenticity can also be recognized by its “excellent” 4.8/5 ratings on Trustpilot. Buyers have shown full satisfaction with the brand’s products and a genuine interest in its approach towards a healthy body and great care for nature.

Customer reviews show that most of the products are of excellent quality ones and, at the same time, rightly priced. Along with that, prompt delivery and reliable customer services are important reasons why it has scored such great ratings.

The most loved products of the brand are its organic CBD oils, CBD chocolates, and Detox teas. They don’t just taste good but act as a herbal remedy for stress and anxiety.


So here is the conclusion – Daiba is one of those brands that focus on authenticity rather than massive sales and enormous production of low-quality goods. The best part about the brand is its approach towards natural resources and the aim of not just taking from nature but giving back to it as well.

If you are looking for some real organic products, then Daiba has certainly collected some of nature’s goodness for you in its stores. Plus, if you believe in consuming all eco-friendly goods and serving nature, it is the right place for you.

We hope you found this Daiba CBD review helpful and are now clear about the brand’s offerings and services.