Diamond CBD Review 2021

CBD products have got recognition worldwide for their effectiveness in combating a range of health issues, including depression, anxiety, pain, acne, sleeping disorders, and heart issues. Many CBD brands choose to make their products available internationally to take advantage of the ever-growing market.

Diamond CBD is one such brand that has attained huge popularity for its products. Although based in the US, they have a sizable customer base in the UK as well. Seeing how famous the brand is among customers in the UK, we thought of checking out the brand.

Our Diamond CBD review aims to provide information to potential customers about the brand and the products it offers. We will also be looking at their customer reviews and ratings to determine whether their services are worth the money or not. Let’s get started!

About The Brand

Before going on to the Diamond CBD review, let’s take a moment to know more about the brand.

Based in the USA, Diamond CBD focuses on making high-quality CBD products accessible to people worldwide. They have a team of doctors and scientists engaged in extensive research on the different compounds (including cannabinoids) present in the hemp plant to create the finest CBD products in the market.

The brand claims to follow careful supervision over the entire process – starting from growing the hemp to distributing the final products. Every batch of their products undergoes testing in third-party labs to ensure that they are of the right quality, purity, and consistency.

We appreciate that they have a separate section on their website where all the lab reports of their products are available. This, in our opinion, adds to their credibility as a brand.


Brand Offerings

We took a look at their website and were greeted by a wide range of options. The list of products available for sale by this brand is quite extensive because they sell products from several other brands in addition to their own. 

But, for this review, we will be focussing only on the products by the brand itself. 

It is very easy for customers, especially if they are beginners in using CBD, to get overwhelmed by the sheer range of products. We have tried to be of some help here by briefly going through the products in each category below.

1. CBD Oils

The CBD oils by the brand can be divided into two types – Unflavored CBD oil and Full-spectrum CBD MCT oil.

People can use unflavored CBD oils for various purposes, such as oral drops, vape liquid, or even topical use. On the other hand, the CBD MCT oil claims to be designed with the right balance of CBD and MCT to give you a boost of energy daily.

Both of the oils are full-spectrum and available in varying strengths ranging from 25 mg to 3500 mg CBD per bottle. Each bottle carries 30 ml of CBD oil.

2. CBD Edibles

The Diamond CBD gummies are one of the most popular products by the brand, and we couldn’t wait for you to try it out! If you are not quite fond of the bitter flavour of CBD, these might be the product for you. 

We were pretty impressed with the different choices we found. The gummies are available in different shapes and flavours (like sour, watermelon, fruit, etc.). Each pouch contains around 75 mg of CBD.

Another innovative product by the brand is their CBD-infused honey. Their honey bears are available in two variants – one infused with 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract and the other with 1500 mg  CBD isolate. 

They also have honey sticks in a variety of flavours, each containing 10 mg of CBD. You can choose from flavours like apple, watermelon, cherry, orange, sour grape, blueberry, and pink lemonade. These are free from any THC content.

3. CBD Vapes

The CBD vape additives by the brand are also pretty popular, mostly because they can get you high! The brand claims that it is legal as it is free from any THC content, but the concentration is designed to be mildly intoxicating.

The Diamond CBD vape additives are available in bottles of 1 ml, 5 ml, 12 ml, and 16 ml, respectively.

4. CBD Creams

The Diamond CBD creams are available in several variants, each catering to a particular issue. They have a pain relief cream, an antioxidant cream, a Vitamin C cream, and a nourishing lip and eye cream.

They also have a soothing cream designed for babies called the Diamond Baby!

5. CBD Drinks

The Diamond CBD Double Shot by the brand comes in a specially designed pack that you can easily carry around anywhere. This CBD drink contains 350 mg of CBD and claims to help you relax.

6. Other Products

The brand also sells some other CBD-infused products, including lip balms, facial moisturisers, facial serums, body scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, beard and moustache oils, face masks, hair and body oils, etc.


Social Media Sentiment 

Unfortunately for us, Diamond CBD doesn’t have any presence on Trustpilot, as it is a USA-based company. This greatly restricts us from providing a judgement on their products and customer service. 

The views on Reddit were more on the negative side, with several users being uneasy regarding the safety of using the products from the brand. But we observed that these posts were made 2-3 years ago, and no recent posts mention any such issues. 

 We came across a few Diamond CBD reviews on the brand’s official website, all of which are positive. The brands also claim to have catered to more than 100k satisfied customers, although we would like to take it with a pinch of salt due to the absence of other credible sources.


All in all, we feel the brand deserves the benefit of the doubt and that its products are safe enough for use. Our opinion is based on lab reports for each of their products, which prove their quality.

We hope that you find our Diamond CBD review helpful if you have been thinking of trying out their products. We feel that they have an excellent collection of products that are worth a try.