• Portcullis House (map)
  • 1 Parliament St
  • London, England, SW1A 2JR
  • United Kingdom

In collaboration with our Patrons Paul Flynn MP and Tonia Antoniazzi MP, we brought you 2 #PatientsATParliament events in support of the #ElizabethBriceBill for the rescheduling of cannabis.

The UK Home Office have announced they they are going to review the scheduling of cannabis immediately - Basically - We won!

NOW - We can show this most amazing progress with our new event: #PatientsINParliament on July 6th 2018. 

We shall be hearing from MPs and Peers (TBC) connected to the new APPG for Medical Cannabis but MOST importantly THEY will be hearing Patients Perspectives on Cannabis as Medicine which will help to inform those directly involved in policy making what's important to patients.

We will have a staggering 100+ Patients in attendance, with many being invited to give testimony and to ask questions directly about what is going to happen next.

We will be Live Streaming from the event, so even if you can't attend you will hear first hand everything that happens.

There is more detail to come, along with information on how you can apply to be one of the 100+ patients in attendance.

There has NEVER been an event like it. You don't want to miss this!

UPA Team!