Frequently Asked Questions


UPA get asked a lot of questions. If we haven’t answered yours here, please contact us.

1. Can you supply me or a loved one with Cannabis oil?

Sadly, the UPA are not able to supply cannabis or cannabis products at this time. Cannabis possession and supply is still illegal in the UK. Most patients currently find that the safest and most cost effective method to access cannabis is to grow a small number of plants for their own consumption; however please note that this is also against the law and you undertake such activities at your own risk.


2. How do I donate to the UPA?

Become a member: Our community is growing, join us as an Official Member.

Volunteering: Why not donate your time as well? We are always on the look out for talented and dedicated volunteers to join our team of purple warriors!

Online: Liking, commenting, and sharing our posts helps us to be more visible on social media. We’d love to have you join our informative Discussion Group too!

Events: Come along to our events and show your support

Donations: We rely on cash and online donations to support our campaign work.
Other: Please contact us here should you wish to arrange a special donation.


3. Do you think Cannabis could help me?

Cannabis is a medicine proven to help treat and alleviate a wide range of diseases and symptoms, for further advice specific to your condition we encourage you to join our online discussion groups, where you can learn from the experiences of other patients. (Please note that you will need to log onto Facebook and join the closed group before you can access the page).


4. What kind of Cannabis would help me most?

The kind of cannabis most beneficial to you will be dependent on what it is that you are hoping to treat. We suggest joining our online discussion groups where you will be able to talk to other patients who have similar needs to your own. (Please note that you will need to log onto Facebook and join the closed group before you can access the page).


5. What should I do if Cannabis makes my symptoms worse? (anxiety etc)

As with all medicines, Cannabis effects can vary from person to person. 

If you are finding that Cannabis is making your symptoms worse, you could be taking too much, or the wrong strain. Or it could just be that full plant extract Cannabis isn't right for you, and may benefit from CBD only instead. 

Keep a diary of how you feel after consuming and what strain you consumed. 

Check out these informative links:
CBD Use, effects and safety - Safer Consumption  - Leafly


6. What are the side effects of Cannabis?

As with all medicines, Side effects can vary with each person, you may find our article on safer consumption useful, click here to view it.


7. What can I do to help?

If you have some time to spare and are committed to supporting the UPA then please contact us for current volunteering opportunities, including a brief CV so that we can help you to find the right place for your skills. You could also… Write to your MP (see our guide here) or arrange a meeting with him/her at their local surgery. Sign the End Our Pain petition Come to our events


8. Is Skunk Dangerous?

High THC cannabis has been labelled as “skunk” by the UK media. A high THC content can be effective for a patient suffering with pain, spasms and a wide range of other severe symptoms. Similar to other prescription pain killers, there can be unwanted side effects in some patients, including increased anxiety for a short period of time. Although there are some studies which show high THC can have a detrimental effect on young minds and could “trigger” a psychotic episode, there are also counter studies which show that cannabis does not cause schizophrenia or psychosis. The regulation of cannabis would allow for harm reduction methods to be employed, for example product testing and labelling, and the availability of trained clinical advice.


9. When will we see legal medical cannabis in the UK?

The simple answer to that is we don’t know, but what we do know is that the UK is connected to the rest of the world. The tide is turning, the more activism we do to raise awareness of the cruel and illogical nature of prohibition, the sooner we are likely to see the changes we need.

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