Fiddler’s Elbow Grease Review 2021

If you consider yourself an expert in the field of CBD products, there is no doubt about you knowing the value of quality products. But if you are starting with hemp products and feel like the low-cost ones are good to go, you should try to change that notion. You should try to change that notion. 

A good quality CBD product will always have a high concentration of hemp and might cost you a bit much. However, sometimes, you pay for a hemp product at a huge sum and still not be satisfied with its quality.

That is why it is necessary to determine the quality of the hemp products sold by a specific shop. If you check out the website, you might find out that the reviews are good enough; yet, seldom, all of them are legit. Hence, we will help you out with the actual reviews and everything you need to know about their bestsellers and other products. We even make sure to give you the information regarding their customer service and social interactions, as it is also one of the most integral parts of a company that makes it good or bad. 

About Fiddler’s Elbow Grease

Sometimes just having hemp products in the usual way doesn’t feel that good. Most people like it to have them in an artsy way that doesn’t feel like taking medication. Fiddler’s Elbow Grease is all about this. They make products like bath salts, tea, and soaps with hemp. Now you need not take the hemp via oils and balms. You can easily incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

The company was established in 2017 and has been delivering quality products since then. They are located in Cropredy Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. They are just not any company that would be responsible only for making the products. From the very beginning of producing the product, till the delivery to your doorstep, this company makes sure that you are satisfied. For them, their personal touch is their motto.

They take pride in their small team of members who have come together from various walks of life to provide you with the best hemp products. They are sure that you will be impressed by their creative yet personal feeling in all of their products. 


Brand Products

Now that you have an idea of what the company stands for and can offer you, we will look into some of the products they offer. The list will include the best products they have and some of the unique ones that they got. I found some exciting hemp products that I never thought of before!


This is one of the unique products that I found interesting. If you are new to hemp soap, you need not worry about its effects on your skin. As much as hemp is good for your mind, it is also good for your skin. Additionally, it has a good proportion of glycerin, making your skin smooth and even lather up well.

Glycerin and hemp are the main products of this soap. The hemp will relax your skin, and the glycerin will help bring in moisture to your skin, making it hydrated. Along with these, the soap also contains some anti-microbial oils that will make sure to keep your skin clean from the unnecessary microorganisms that thrive on your skin. 

You can get this soap along with your other hemp products; it isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. You will also get some bulk discounts if you buy a few more. 


As you know, CBD is incredibly effective in calming down the senses, and it also brings a relaxing effect to your skin. With age or other reasons, you might find that your hands and feet have become rough and wrinkled. This is the time you should try to take care of them as much as possible. 

Their head and foot rejuvenating oil use CBD to hydrate the broken skin. There are also some of the sumptuous oils in the product that help to nourish the skin. All of these ingredients work together to rejuvenate your tired skin back to life.  

For every 100mg of the oil, they use 10ml of CBD; hence you can use this oil accordingly. All you have to do is massage your hands and feet with 2-3 drops of the oil after taking a bath. 


Now we will be talking about some of the standard and bestseller products of this company. This Cannabidiol Hybrid oil is a bit unique too. You can take them orally, or you can vape them. This gives you the liberty to use your CBD oil any way you like it. 

There are different concentrations of CBD available in this oil. You can go for the standard ones that have a concentration from 2%-10%. Going for the advanced ones with a concentration of 15%-40% is an excellent choice if you want something stronger. It is also THC free which means you are getting a quality product. 

You can even get the 1ml sample sizes before actually making a purchase, which will help you to understand what you need better. 


This is another of the unique products that they have. As you might have guessed from the name of the products, it is basically a shampoo but made with hemp. Hemp and CBD have a lot of benefits that help your skin and even your hair.

This product has a vegetable-based soap base with hemp and essential oils that are good for the hair and scalp. The other ingredients are Aloe Vera, Conditioning Additives, and Glycerin. All of these make sure that your hair is silky and smooth with enough moisture locked in. It does not contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is harmful to your hair.


Social Media Sentiment

As we were trying to find out the reviews on the website, we found some good comments about the products in TrustPilot. There were 3.8 stars. However, there were only 2 people who had left their comments on the products and the company. Both of them were extremely satisfied with the products. One of them liked the whole process, from the packaging to the delivery. 

We also checked the review section on the website of the company and found some amazing reviews. The customers were happy with the product’s quality, the whole process and were more than happy to buy again. Some of them even pledged to become their regular customers.


To sum up the whole Fiddler’s Elbow Grease review, I will say that they have some of the broadest range of products. You will be fascinated with the quantity and quality of the products. There were plenty of reviews on the website. However, outside the website, there were hardly a few. Hence, I would suggest that you try a few on your own and then be the judge of it. There is no harm in trying out a small product and if you find it good enough, help to blow it up!