Green Monkey CBD Review 2021

One can spot Green Monkey CBD energy drinks in almost every major marketplace in the UK today. Owing to their expansive social media presence, you come across Green Monkey commercials now and then. Looking at this great network and demand for their products, we thought about trying their drinks and giving you an overview of the same. Let’s find out more about all their popular items in this Green Monkey CBD review. 

Who Are They? 

Green Monkey is supposedly the first brand in the UK to have produced carbonated beverages infused with CBD extracts. While not much is mentioned about the ownership and the beginnings of the company on the official website, we learned from their Facebook page that these CBD drinks are backed by Jhoots Pharmacy chain and AV Pharma. 

The official website and other social media handles of the company are designed and operated very professionally. Several FAQ sections are present on the website that answer a variety of questions about their products. Green Monkey CBD drinks are essentially tropical fruit-based beverages that have certain amounts of CBD extracts mixed with them. Flavours of pineapples, grapes, etc., are available in the market these days. 

Overall, Green Monkey is a reliable beverage company with a strong pharmaceutical backing. Moreover, they publicise their products by claiming that they are a healthy and interesting alternative to caffeine-based beverages. 


Brand Offerings

1. Green Monkey Original

The Green Monkey Original was the first caffeine-free CBD-infused beverage produced by the company. Coming in small cans, this particular drink is their most popular item and can easily be bought from any major store in the UK. Moreover, the Green Monkey Original is a tropical-fruit based drink with prominent pineapple and grape notes.  Each 250 mL can of the drink contains only about 10 mg of CBD. A set of 12 cans of the Green Monkey Original can be purchased directly from their website as well. 

The drink is best served cold and can even be used as a mixer to prepare cocktails or mocktails. As a simple beverage, the flavour is not very unique or exclusive. However, the presence of the CBD extract adds to the euphoria, without creating a typical high. 

2. Green Monkey CBD Oil Drops

Just like most of its other counterparts, Green Monkey also sells special CBD oil drops. Intended for daily use, the CBD oil drops contain pure CBD extracts in mild quantities, due to which they can be consumed directly without any dilution. Many across the UK have started using the Green Monkey CBD oil drops as a dietary supplement, as it is known to support healthier lifestyles. Being vegan and vegetarian friendly, each bottle of the Green Monkey CBD oil contains approximately 200 drops. 

The oil drops have ostensibly been tested for safety and efficacy in the AV Pharma and Jhoots Pharmacy chain laboratories. Apart from the hemp component, which is extracted using CO2, the mixture predominantly contains 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. With each bottle containing approximately 50mg of CBD, each drop accounts for 2.5 mg THC only. This way, the total THC levels remain within the legally permissible level of 0.14%. 

With cautious usage (not exceeding 150 mg a day), the oil can benefit consumers in multiple ways. 

3. Green Monkey CBD Balm

The Green Monkey CBD Balm is a simple balm meant for regular topical use, enriched with beneficial CBD elements having therapeutic effects. Since it is only meant for topical application, it should be noted that it is only used externally and not consumed in any manner. The mechanism of action of the Green Monkey CBD Balm is simple. The therapeutically active components of the balm seep through the skin, enter the superficial blood circulation, and provide localized effects in the region of application.

Hemp Seed Oil extracted by cold pressing is used in making the balm. Besides, cannabinoids, grapeseed oil, and some other ingredients are also present in minute quantities. All ingredients are vegan and vegetarian friendly as well. 

People using it as a topical medicine should be cautious. Incidents, where application over broken skin lead to gross irritation, have been frequently reported. Otherwise, it is a safe product that can be applied over the skin up to 3 times a day. 

4. Green Monkey Berry Burst 

A real fruit juice-based energy drink, the Green Monkey Berry Burst is made with several kinds of berries and has a refreshing, tangy taste. Being free of caffeine, the drink contains 10 mg of CBD. The CBD component is sufficient to induce adequate relaxation. The canned beverage is best served chilled. 

Just like the classic Green Monkey Original, you can use it as a mixer as well. The Green Monkey Berry Burst on its own is a very fruity and delicious drink. 

5. Green Monkey Cocktails

Being basic energy drinks, the Green Monkey CBD drinks can be used to make some delicious mocktails and cocktails. Some options mentioned on the official Green Monkey website include: 

Monkey Mojito

Mojito is the go-to drink for most people looking for a refreshing beverage. It has a classic taste loved by thousands across the globe. Green Monkey worked upon this popularity of the drink to create a unique CBD cocktail recipe. Monkey Mojito can be made by simply adding 50ml Bacardi over the Green Monkey Original, and it can then be served by topping with lime wedges and mint leaves. 

Gin & Green

Another great cocktail option, the Gin & Green combo, can be prepared by simply adding a Green Monkey beverage to the gin, replacing tonic from the traditional mix. Gordon’s gin tastes best for this recipe. When topped with grapefruit and lime, the cocktail will instantly become a favourite. 


Social Media Sentiment

If you look at the social media presence and the official website design of Green Monkey CBD, it is evident that the company has adopted a professional approach for digital outreach. 

Honest customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit suggest that the taste of these drinks is not very different from that of regular carbonated drinks available in the market. The CBD effect, although mild, is satisfactory considering the price range and nature of the product. 


Overall, one thing that is certain from our Green Monkey CBD drink review is that it is a company that sells unique products. The idea of caffeine-free beverages is certainly a hit among consumers. While the taste and CBD efficacy of the drinks may not be very sharp, the current form of these beverages is still liked by many. Green Monkey also produces balms and oils with pure CBD extracts. The cherry on top is the structured digital presence of the brand, which has made them the talk of the town. In all, a must-try brand for all CBD enthusiasts.