Greenroads Review 2021

When hundreds of CBD manufacturers claim to sell the best CBD products, getting the most authentic products can be challenging. To help you receive the real goodness of CBD, today we are going to review one of the most popular CBD Brands – Green Roads CBD.

In our Green Roads review, we will talk about all the varieties of products offered by the brand and discuss their composition and manufacturing processes. At the same time, we will rate their performance and reliability based on their quality and customer reviews.

So keep reading to know everything about Green Roads.

About The Brand

The story of Green Roads started when Laura Fuentes, a licensed compounding pharmacist for 25 years, made some simple CBD oils for her friends and family. The magical herb helped her loved ones to cope with everyday life challenges, and these results led to the foundation of Green Roads CBD company.

The brand hand-picks hemp from farms in the US that have certain certificates of origin and analysis and makes sure that the raw material is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. 

Besides that, the brand employs innovative methods to extract the raw materials and gets them tested by an independent lab to check their authenticity.


Brand Products

Green Roads manufactures a variety of CBD products and makes sure that every batch of every product like CBD oil, CBD gummy, Hemp Flower Coffee or CBD Drops for pets is thoroughly tested by an independent lab.

1. Sleep Line

If you face trouble with sleeping, then Green Roads have this “Sleep Line” range of products that aims to give you a healthy and consistent sleep.

a. Sleepy Zs Cbd Gummies 

Sleepy CBD Gummies feature the twin power of melatonin and CBD that offers you a much-needed sound sleep. Melatonin is a part of our natural sleep cycle and CBD helps our body against stress. As a result, these gummies let you have a better sleep cycle and a healthier life.

And you know what the best part is? These gummies are vegan & gluten-free and come in a sweet blackberry flavour.

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD & 5mg melatonin and the product comes as a pack of either 2 ct or 30 ct.

b. CBD Sleep Capsules 

The next product in the sleep line range is CBD sleep capsules. If you want to consume a confirmed fixed amount of CBD daily, these capsules are ideal for you.

Each 750 mg bottle is loaded with the benefits of CBD and melatonin and contains 30 capsules with 25mg CBD and 5 mg of melatonin.

These capsules are available in two additional variants i.e., “Everyday Support” and “Relax” and you can have them depending upon your reason behind CBD consumption.

c. Sweet Sleep CBD Oil

This Sweet Sleep CBD oil is a perfect blend of CBD, melatonin, and CBN from American-farmed hemp. Its 750 mg bottle can last for a month and can offer you excellent sleep, relieve your stress and boost your lifestyle.

d. CBD Nightly Dose, Sweet Sleep

If you like to end your day with a sweet relaxing mood, then Green Roads has these tasty CBD Nightly Doses for you.

These small 25 mg doses come in Dreamy blueberry flavour and reward you with a sound sleep. Just consume one dose 30 minutes before sleeping and enjoy a tranquil snooze.

2. CBD Oils

Green Roads CBD oil comes in Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum variants and brings the benefits of nature to your access.

a. Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Oils

Green Road’s full spectrum and broad spectrum oils are completely soy-free, gluten-free and non-intoxicating. On top of that, they arrive in natural flavours and do not contain any artificial taste, colouring or sugar.

Depending upon the strength/concentration you need or are prescribed to consume, you can get these 30 ml bottles in three variants, i.e., “mild” – 10 mg/ml, “moderate”- 25 mg/ml and “mighty “with 50 mg of CBD per ml.

b. CBD Daily Dose

Green Road’s full spectrum and broad spectrum oils are also available in daily dose packs that relieve you from consuming less or more oil per day.

These daily doses are available as mild, moderate, and mighty depending upon the amount of CBD per ml as already discussed in the last section, plus, you can purchase them as packs of 1, 4 and 12 doses per pack.

And lastly, if you have a problem with the natural taste of CBD oils, you can get these packs in two special flavours i.e., Apple Kiwi Bliss and Mint Breeze.

3. CBD Tropicals

Green Roads has a plethora of CBD tropicals to provide quick relief to your muscles and skin.

It includes a Pain Relief Muscle and Joint Cream for backaches, arthritis, muscle aches and pain, strains or sprains. The next one is Skin Relief CBD Cream that conveys the goodness of natural herbs & botanicals and takes care of your skin.

Green Roads’ CBD Heat Relief Roll-on and CBD Cool Relief Roll-on feature pepper compounds, rosemary oil, avocado oil, and bentonite clay to soothe your muscles.

Lastly, the brand offers a Muscle & Joint Pain Relief CBD Cream that takes care of your joints and gives on-the-spot comfort.

4. CBD For Pets

Green Roads offers CBD not just for you but for your lovely pets as well. Its Pet CBD Drops are made with an MCT oil-based formula that makes them easy for pets to digest and takes care of their health.

5. CBD Chocolate & Coffee

Chocolate and coffee collections are a delicious way of consuming your daily CBD. 

Green Roads’ hemp flower coffee is a refined mix of Colombian coffee & American hemp that comes in several flavours such as Founder’s Blend, French Vanilla, Hazelnut.

6. CBD Spa Collection

Finally, the brand also offers a variety of skincare and rejuvenating products like bath bombs and essential oil roll-on.


Social Media Sentiment 

Green Roads has been awarded as the best CBD oil. However, to get more details about the performance of the products, we examined the reviews on Trustpilot.

Green Roads has scored 3.9/5 or “great” ratings on the website and the reason behind its excellent reviews is the outstanding performance of the products.

The most favorite product of the customers is the CBD gummies that not just taste good but provide instant pain relief, better sleep, and even have positive effects on Tourette’s syndrome. Greed Roads CBD oil is extremely helpful in relieving body pains like joints pain, arthritis, chronic back pain, etc.


We hope that our Green Roads CBD review has informed you of everything about Green Roads CBD products and resolved all your confusion.

After all the customer reviews and product details, we can conclude that Green Roads has made CBD consumption easy like never before. Plus, intensive care is given to the manufacturing process and the empathetic motive behind the products makes them a genuine brand.

So if you want to try CBD for the first time or look for the most outstanding products to relieve you of pain or stress, Green Roads is certainly a reliable choice.