Healthspan CBD Review 2021

Modern medical science has slowly but steadily started recognizing the advantages of organic ingredients and natural supplements. Amongst these natural extracts that have proven therapeutic benefits, CBD extracts have managed to garner special attention.

The market for CBD products is growing by leaps and bounds, and several brands have cashed in on this flourishing avenue to establish their business. One brand, which is extremely popular these days in the UK, is Healthspan CBD. Thus, we decided to do a Healthspan CBD review, to take a look at all the offerings from the house of Healthspan, and check whether they’re worth your money or not. 

Who Are They? 

If you’ve been living in the UK for quite some time, you must know about Healthspan CBD very well. The company was founded in 1996 by Derek Coates who has an interesting life story too besides his successful venture. He was declared terminally ill when doctors diagnosed him with cancer and stated that he has only 6 months to live, all this at the age of just 32. As luck would have it, Coates survived and decided to start Healthspan, apparently to promote better nutrition in the UK. 

A company that’s been in the business for quite some time now, Healthspan is associated with premium-quality health supplements. In fact, they’ve partnered with many top-ranked sports organizations as well, some of which include Scottish Rugby, Tottenham Hotspur, and British Tennis. 

With their primary focus being on nutritional supplements and bringing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards into this domain, the company decided to grab the enormous opportunity provided by the growing CBD product demand. 

A company with such an impeccable track record, Healthspan has instantly become the go-to brand for many seasoned CBD consumers. After all, the issue with CBD products is that one needs to be very sure of the safety standards before they can trust and buy an item. That assurance certainly comes with brands like Healthspan. 


Brand Offerings

1. Healthspan CBD Oil Drops

The CBD Oil Drops produced by Healthspan come in different forms, meant for different purposes. Basically, these oils are made with a common oil that contains CBD extracts, and additionally, different ingredients are added to prepare exclusive products. For instance, the popular Night Time CBD oil drops contain the basic CBD oil along with some natural notes from hops and some lemon extracts. 

As far as the legal standards are concerned, these oils are made with filter-clear CBD elements. These elements are in turn taken from EU hemp species, that are grown as per rules and regulations decided by the European Union. Just like all premium CBD oils, the THC in these oils is extracted with non-toxic CO2 only. 

While the amount of THC is low, the oils are certainly very effective for painful conditions like arthritis. In online Healthspan CBD oil reviews, people report that they at least enjoy painless nights whenever they use these oils before going to bed. The oil drops do not have strong tastes or flavours, which some customers feel is a big let-down. Otherwise, these are quite effective CBD oils. 

2. Healthspan CBD balms

Healthspan also produces soothing CBD balms that are meant to relax superficial nerves and relieve painful symptoms. Besides, these balms can be used for mild skin conditions like rashes as well. The base of these CBD balms is freshly collected beeswax and coconut oil. To enhance the fragrance of these balms, lavender and chamomile are used. 

A good massage after applying a thin layer of these balms will certainly help in calming the nerves. However, any signs of irritation should be taken as red flags, and the application should be discontinued. It’s quite effective on general aches, however, it might not stand up to the mark for specific painful points. 

3. Healthspan CBD Support Capsules

It is a very interesting product, aimed at providing specific therapeutic benefits of Hemp to patients suffering from a variety of conditions. The Healthspan CBD capsules are further classified depending on their purpose. The most popular ones include CBD Support Immunity, CBD Support Menopause, CBD Support Joints, etc. 

The psychoactive properties of CBD are well known to everyone. Based on these properties, Healthspan launched the Support Mellow capsules. These capsules help in creating arousal and improve cognitive function as well. Special capsules for post-menopausal women are also sold by them. A combination of CBD extracts and vitamin A, vitamin B6, etc. are present in these capsules to support the body during this phase of life. 

4. Opti-CBD 

The Opti-CBD capsules deserve a special mention. These cannabidiol capsules are meant to act 16 times faster than standard CBD products. The bioavailability of CBD drawn from these capsules is much higher than regular CBD. An organic product that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, these are gelatin-free capsules with an advanced micellar liquid formulation. 

Opti-CBD, although having a faster action contains only trace amounts of psychoactive substances. Overall, these are highly efficient CBD-based edible products that have been accepted by thousands of CBD enthusiasts with open arms.


Social Media Sentiment

The social media discussions about Healthspan and their CBD products are usually about the noticeable changes they produce and not the efficacy per se. Users state that the CBD efficacy of these products is not high, which may make them useless for some. However, positive effects like inducing relaxation, painless sleep, arousal, and a slight improvement in cognitive functions have been acknowledged by almost all users. The majority of the genuine customer reviews praise the products. Thus, it seems that Healthspan has made a mark in this market as well, just like it did in the nutritional supplements domain. 


There’s no doubt that Healthspan CBD products are certainly the most popular line of CBD-based items available in the UK today. While some of their products may not be as efficacious as one would expect, the overall response from most buyers is encouraging. 

For our Healthspan CBD review, we analyzed different products available on their online store and were more than satisfied with the performance. Also, being an established brand in the nutrition support industry makes them a reliable option for people looking to buy genuine CBD products. In all, for the needs of an average CBD consumer, the Healthspan products are really great.