Hemp Bombs CBD Review 2021

A major problem with CBD products is that one is never sure about the authenticity of cannabis used in them. Moreover, even if organic cannabis is used, the product’s potency can also be a problem. One CBD brand that has balanced both these aspects very well is Hemp Bombs CBD. They have a lot of laboratory-backed preparations, which thousands across the United Kingdom use. 

They apply the advanced CO2 extraction technique to obtain pure CBD extracts. The concentration of these extracts in their products is relatively high, which is responsible for their high potency. To analyse their products in much more detail, we did a Hemp Bombs CBD UK review. Take a look! 

About The Company

Hemp Bombs CBD is very different from the regular CBD companies that offer products in the UK. Hemp Bombs is primarily a Florida-based organisation that carries out the manufacturing processes at its headquarters in Tampa Bay. While all other activities take place in the US, hemp cultivation happens in Europe only. It means that all European standards have to be followed by the company to grow organic cannabis, ensuring safety and authenticity. Once the preparations are filtered and packaged in America, they are shipped to the other nations.  

The rigorous quality testing by Hemp Bombs is a highlight of their products. All batches of CBD oils prepared at Tampa Bay are sent for third-party lab testing. The results of these tests are regularly posted on their website, making their manufacturing process much more transparent. 

The products made by Hemp Bombs are all broad-spectrum CBD products. Although they contain a range of cannabinoids, the THC component, which has psychoactive effects, has been removed. Quite many of their products are still available in the UK, even though they do not officially ship them here, which may be due to the stricter regulations in the US. 


Brand Offerings

1. Hemp Bombs CBD oils

The Hemp Bombs CBD oils UK come in stylish dark-coloured bottles. The strength of these oils ranges between 300mg to 4000mg. Many exciting flavours of oils are available, and one can consume them using the dropper provided with each bottle. All other information about the composition, safety, and usage of these oils is on the official Hemp Bombs website. Since these oil drops are regarded as self-help drugs, it is a good step to provide all necessary instructions on the website. Thus, people can use the products in the right way and for the right conditions only. 

While CBD oils are a standard product of all major CBD brands, Hemp Bombs’ preparation is quite different and unique. Before adding the flavours, they prepare the base not just with hemp oil but also with MCT oil and grape seed oil. MCT oils are in popular demand these days because they contain medium-length fats, which are considered safe for heart patients. 

Besides, they are also a part of the keto diets that athletes, bodybuilders, etc., follow rigorously. Using MCT and grapeseed oils as carriers gives the CBD oil drops a unique taste, something their customers seem to like a lot. 

Orange Creamsicle, Watermelon, Acai Berry, Peppermint, Unflavored, etc., are some of the flavours available in their CBD oils. These flavours are mild and do not produce an overbearing effect. Moreover, they are available for all strengths- 125mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 3000mg, 4000mg.

2. CBD Shots 

If you like doing shots, then you must try out these exclusive offerings by Hemp Bombs- CBD Shots. These shots are very different from any CBD product you have tried before. The purpose of selling these shots is to cater to those who want to enjoy CBD on the go and want an instant hit. Another shot known as the Hemp Bombs Max Chill CBD Shot contains two ounces of CBD-based liquid. You can either consume these two ounces of fluid in one go or can split it into two. 

Each Max Chill CBD Shot contains about 75 mg pure CBD. Along with this, it also has Passiflora, White Willow Bark, and some other organic ingredients. Since the amount of CBD present in these shots is moderate, even an instant hit will not create a very impactful high. However, doing the shots will let this blend of botanical ingredients go inside your body and assimilate faster. Thus, you will get a quick health boost from it and start feeling relaxed, attentive, and aware. 

3. Hemp Bombs Sleep Syrup

Hemp Bombs also sells a special syrup that helps you get a good night’s sleep. One bottle of the syrup contains 4 ounces of CBD liquid. You can either consume the whole bottle in one go or can split it as per your tolerance. People also use it as a mixer. The syrup is a simple liquid with very mild flavours. However, the manufacturer has not provided any information about the kinds of flavours available for these syrups. 

4. Gummy Bears

The CBD edibles offered by Hemp Bombs are also unique and exciting. These are simple gummy bear candies that come in a variety of fruity flavours. You can buy an assortment of all the available flavours as well. Each gummy bear contains 15 mg of CBD. 

However, they have also started selling high-concentration edibles with up to 25 mg CBD in each bear. They have now come up with special sleep gummies that contain moderate amounts of CBD and promote better sleep. 

5. Capsules And Vapes

Hemp Bombs is a very famous name in the global CBD market today. Just like many of its counterparts, it has now started selling capsules and vape liquids as well. These are not very different from the regular CBD capsules that are available in the market. However, the range of the concentration of CBD extracts used in making these capsules is quite impressive. The same is the case with Hemp Bombs CBD vape liquids which offers a lot of exciting flavours. 


Social Media Sentiment

The social media is flooded with requests made to Hemp Bombs’ owners to start shipping products into the UK. This is because all seasoned CBD users know how good their products are. Moreover, no other brand provides the variety and range of products you get from Hemp Bombs. The brand is even offering CBD products for pets nowadays, something that speaks volumes about their versatility. Hemp Bombs is the most widely appreciated brand in every CBD discussion on social media.


Hemp Bombs is regarded as an elite brand in the global CBD market. A brand like this that values authenticity, customer safety, and innovation is rare to find in an industry that is still in its primitive years. We were more than satisfied with all the products that we tried for our Hemp Bombs CBD review. So we strongly recommend Hemp Bombs to all CBD enthusiasts out there.