Hemp Holistics Review 2021

While many other companies are trying to supply CBD-based products in the UK, Hemp Holistics stands out as a genre-defying company whose main motive is to provide customers with various CBD products at affordable prices. It does seem unreal when you hear this, but Hemp Holistics CBD is considered one of the top sellers of CBD products in and around the UK.

Hemp Holistics boasts the most extensive repository of CBD products and cannabis seeds of all kinds. Some users even claim that if you can’t find a given product at Hemp Holistics, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else on the market. 

Hemp Holistics CBD started in 2013 in the UK. Ever since then, they have experienced exponential growth in terms of sales and profits. In this review of Salesman CBD, we will try and find out some of the responses of genuine customers who used their services and products.

About The Brand

Using Cannabis-based products can be difficult for many people due to the haze surrounding the topic. So, to combat false information and increase the recreational use of hemp and its various products, Hemp Holistics was started.

The brand believes that hard work, correct information, and teamwork is the key to making this dream a reality. They intend to change the UK’s whole climate surrounding these topics and try and make it a much more accessible commodity without any shame attached to it.

Additionally, they learn from other brands’ past mistakes while setting examples for newer brands to come up (unlike other facets of capitalism, they allow for holistic growth and maturation). They also believe in a more holistic approach to this problem, and the more brands that start spreading knowledge about CBD and its health benefits, the lesser the taboo surrounding the topic will be.

Brand Offerings

The Hemp Holistics brand offers a vast range of CBD-based products. The amount and range of products offered by Hemp Holistics are beyond imagination. From CBD-based sprays to CBD-based oil to Hemp T-shirts, they have got it all. 

1. CBDa And CBD Oil

This is quite a common product offered by many brands, but Hemp Holistics offers it with a twist. CBDa stands for the acidic component of CBD, and like CBD, it is also found to have similar effects without any side effects. So far, Hemp Holistics is the only brand offering CBDa and CBD oil together.

2. CBD Capsules

If you didn’t quite get used to the taste of CBD, then these capsules might be the best choice for you. Thye offers the same benefits as other CBD products sans the odd taste that is associated with CBD.

3. CBD Edibles

These edibles are sold in two forms- tea and coffee. This increases the reach of these edibles and ensures that you start your day off with a  good dose of these healthy minerals.

4. CBD And CBG Paste

This is another type of product that is quite hard to find. Pastes are used by putting them under the tongue, and Hemp Holistics has ensured that you can easily get this done through the small syringes that these pastes come in. 

The products aren’t mediocre at all. They are created from some of the best strains of cannabis found in the UK. Additionally, their production processes keep the products’ THC levels well below 0.5 percent.

 The number of products is genuinely remarkable, as is the customer support service. They deliver their products on time, without any damage. They are also well known for their ability to create new and better products each year. So you can rest assured that each time you buy something, you are opting for the best.

Social Media Sentiment About Hemp Holistics

To get a fair idea about its visibility and sentiment amongst its customer base, we went through all the reviews on the trusted review website, Trustpilot. Hemp Holistics has one of the highest brand ratings found on the site, averaging about 4.5 stars. 

The customer review ranges from positive to extremely positive. Almost all customers are pleased with the range and quality provided by the brand. 

Overall, Hemp Holistics has a powerful and positive presence all over the UK.


We hope that this review of Hemp’s Holistics was helpful for you. This brand does not seem to have any shortcomings whatsoever. The only niche where they might be lagging is the modernization of their delivery methods. 

Beyond that, this brand seems to have gotten down all the basics, all the way to the very percentage of CBD. Choosing this brand would surely make you experience all the benefits that the world of medical hemp has to offer.