HempElf Review 2021

The research as well as the demand for CBD products has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. Earlier known for its therapeutic properties, CBD has now emerged as an alternative therapy for reducing pain, dealing with anxiety and depression, and promoting better skin.

HempElf UK is one such brand in the CBD market that offers a wide product range to thousands of customers in the UK. With numerous high-quality products and lots of positive customer reviews, the brand has gained a remarkable reputation in a short span of time.

Today, we’re to give you a detailed HempElf review, and if you have any queries about the brand or its product’s quality, you’ll get your answers here.

About The Brand

HempElf is considered to be the biggest CBD brand in the UK and the top supplier of CBD products such as oils, CBD concentrates, CBD hemp flowers, CBD edibles, CBD vaporizers, and even hardware.

The brand serves more than 40,000 customers in the UK and claims to provide the best quality CBD products. The brand procures everything it needs from licensed farms and their [products are thoroughly tested in the labs before they are sent to the market. As a result, its products include all the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes that customers need.

Along with strict quality control, the brand focuses on intensive research and development, which makes it quite an innovator in the market. Lastly, HempElf offers shipping to several regions in the world including the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East as well as Africa. 


Brand Offerings

HempElf offers a diverse range of CBD products, which you can call the specialty of the brand. Their list of products includes CBD vapes, wax, oils, edibles, skincare products, hardware, and accessories (pretty much everything related to CBD).

HempElf CBD Vapes

HempElf offers several vaping products that make the consumption of CBD effortless. Here are some details about the various vaping options offered by the brand.

CBD Vape Pens

CBD Vape pens make the CBD’s effects more bioavailable and the consumption process more convenient. You can carry these portable pens anywhere, allowing you to consume your CBD even while you’re traveling. Plus, they come in a plethora of flavour options such as fruits, lavender, etc.


If you prefer more conventional vaping, HempElf has lots of options in vaping flowers for you. You can get these flavoured flowers in the weight you want, starting from just 1 gram. Among several options, the most popular are Strawberry Kush, Lemon Skunk, and Cherrie diesel.

Apart from Pens and flowers, HempElf has two other vaping products. The first of them is CBD Cartridges & Pods with the highest quality CBD dominant distillate. The other one is CBD Terpene that you can experience with CBD oils, water-soluble CBD or CBD flowers. Terpenes are quite versatile and you can also use them with your recipes, skincare products or e-liquids.

HempElf CBD Oils

HempElf offers three types of CBD oil products. These are CBD Drops, CBD Sprays, and Water Soluble CBD.

CBD Drops

CBD Drops come in four different variants i.e., water-soluble, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and pure CBD isolates formulas. All the variants come in 30ml bottles with 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 25000mg and 5000mg CBD variants. In short, a 250mg bottle would contain 8mg CBD/ml and the 5000mg one would have 167 mg CBD/ml. 

Plus, there are some special variants such as Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Cucumber Mint Tincture etc. that offer interesting pleasures to your taste buds.

The drops are made from high-quality industrial hemp and contain GMP grade cannabis terpenes. You can easily add these drops to your food items such as dinks or even ingest them directly by placing them under your tongue.

CBD Sprays

HempElf’s CBD sprays are smart products that make consuming CBD convenient. The best part is that all the sprays are non-psychoactive and THC-free. They are offered as either broad-spectrum sprays or CBD oil sprays.

All the sprays are available as 30ml bottles with 500mg CBD as the main ingredient. However, there are several colour options such as strawberry, orange, vanilla or natural.

Water Soluble CBD

Water-Soluble CBD is an innovative way of getting your daily CBD dosage. These highly versatile solutions are easy to ingest orally and you can also add them to your beverage or food items. The most helpful part about water-soluble CBDs is that they have fast-acting effects and come in various flavours such as black pepper, ginger-lemon.

CBD Concentrates

HempElf provides three types of CBD concentrates that you can use in your recipes, or as hash substitutes i.e., shatter wax, and diamond & sauce.

The 100% THC-free CBD shatter is made of 99% pure CBD infused with all-natural plant-derived terpenes. It is ideal for sublingual ingestion, dabs, recipes, or making oils and hash substitutes. You can also go for a wax or diamond & sauce for the finest grade cannabis concentrates.

Other CBD Products

The list of CBD Products hasn’t ended yet! HempElf UK has several types of other CBD products including edibles and skincare.

Among edibles, you have vegan gummies or snacks bars that come in various flavours like banana, ginger, cherry etc. Besides that, CBD capsules are an excellent way to consume a consistent dose of CBD, which is not possible in oils. 

Coming to skincare products, the brand brings you body creams, lip balms, various flavoured bath bombs that not just smell good but offer intensive care to your skin. The brand also offers patches and topicals for this purpose.

Lastly, they also sell some hardware like vaping parts and accessories for rolling, grinding, cleaning, dabbing, storage and just for swag like caps and bottles.

In a nutshell, if there is a CBD-related product in the market, HempElf is sure to offer it. This is quite an achievement for the brand.


Social Media Sentiment 

To get some info about the performance of products and customer reviews, we looked at the ratings at Trustpilot. The brand has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, with more than two thousand reviews; it has been described as “excellent” by the website.

The credit for all this praise that the brand has received goes to its wide range of products with options ranging from low budget to premium. However, the most appreciated quality of the brand is their super fast delivery even while a pandemic is raging, which is quite praiseworthy.

Another positive aspect of the brand was that they replied to every negative review. They answer all the queries of customers and make it a point to have everything sorted out. Hence, this earns HempElf a special brownie point for them.


Our verdict is that the brand has everything to offer. If you are experienced with CBD or are just trying it for the first time, you can choose products that would suit you better. For example, if you are not into vaping, you can go for oil, or capsules etc.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this HempElf review and now have a better perspective about HempElf UK and its range of products.