Hempen Review 2021

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound present in hemp plants, has been discovered to improve our mental health and well-being. This isn’t a ridiculous claim. It is backed up by some of the most thorough and credible research. As a result, it’s no surprise that people are becoming more interested in this field of medicine.

Many brands are trying to supply CBD-based products in the UK. Many of these are pretty well known and actively sought after. Hempen is one such brand that is now associated with superior products and truthful practices. It might sound pretty hard to comprehend, but Hempen grows most of the hemp and hemp-based products it sells.

Hempen also boasts of a massive repository of products that are available to its customers. The amount of variety and flexibility that they have rivals some of the leading industry forerunners. You will have to keep in mind that they have just started this brand up from the ground. Other brands tend to fall back or give in to the competition, but Hempen has weathered through all ups and downs and come on top as one of the best CBD product-providing companies.

Hempen started in 2014, and ever since, it has increased its user base at an exponential rate. In this review of Hempen, we will look at the factors and characteristics that have made this brand successful.

About The Brand

Selling CBD-based products is not an easy job. This is a highly regulated and inspected industry, as even the slightest of deviations can cause both legal and moral problems. Additionally, with Hempen being a comparatively new brand to sell CBD products, the onus lies with making a clean and resourceful first impression. 

It is, however, considered taboo to talk about or use these products. Therefore, to combat misinformation and haze surrounding this topic, Hempen has increased its efforts to make these products available for all the people who need them.

Hempen believes in truth, sincerity, and hard work. As such, initially, they grew and farmed their hemp. After the ban on growing hemp, they sourced all their hemp from organic farmers, boosting their sales and giving a new lease of life to people involved in this occupation. 

Moreover, with the way this industry has grown, Hempen shows the best promise to keep expanding their customer base and range of products to include more pure and better-refined options for customers seeking higher-end materials. It is also on the track to beat other homegrown companies, so much so that it has quickly become a household name after its launch in 2014.

Brand Offerings

The Hempen brand boasts a wide variety of hemp-based products. This hemp is locally sourced from organic farmers. Meaning it is exceptionally pure and unadulterated. After putting it through their refining processes, the final product is formed. And this product has very high purity, with small (and legal) amounts of THC present. It is in no way addictive and does the work that it is supposed to do exceptionally well.

They offer hemp-based oils, sprays, pastes, etc., at highly affordable prices. No matter what your need is, you will find all your wants fulfilled at Hempen. And with THC levels around 0.5 %, you can rest assured about all their products’ quality. However, with a large number of offerings of this brand, we would be listing only a few.

1. Organic CBD Oil

This is a fairly standard product that most CBD_based products selling brands have in their inventory. And the name itself is enough to convey its use. It is an organic oil extracted from hemp and relieved of THC. It is mainly used for cosmetic purposes and is quite potent in its effects.

2. Organic CBD Coconut Oil

If you want to use CBD products for physical therapy and other needs, this would be the product. All you need to do is apply it to the area or joint of interest and wait for it to work its magic.

3. Organic Hemp Stem Tea

This product is made from hemp stems and geared towards tea lovers who would like to reap the benefits of CBD. It is a unique offering by a new brand in this niche. The quality, of course, is exceptional.

4. Hemp Moisturising Oil

This brand offer is for people who would like to get rid of dry and coarse skin. The organic hemp ingredients make it a natural moisturizing product that does not have any side effects.

The customer support service is also beyond par. With 24 x 7 support systems, all of the issues are resolved with minimum downtime and experienced officials, making the whole journey of buying CBD-product from Hempena an enjoyable activity.

Social Media Sentiment About Hempen

To get a fair idea about its visibility and sentiment amongst its customer base, we went through all the reviews on the trusted review website, Trustpilot. What we found was quite out of the norm. Due to Hempen being a new company, they just recently registered on Trustpilot. Therefore, they only have one review listed there, which has a rating of 3.7. But otherwise, they collect their reviews from Facebook and other social media platforms.

Looking at these platforms makes the picture clearer. The customers are pretty happy with the product and services offered. Some have also offered suggestions that Hempen has tried to implement. Others go on to praise the quality of the hemp and the timely delivery of products.

Overall, Hempen has a reasonably solid and positive social presence.


We hope that this review of Hempen was helpful for you. This brand does have a few shortcomings, but nothing that is deal-breaking. The only niche where they might be lagging is the modernization of their delivery methods. 

Beyond that, this brand seems to have gotten down all the basics, all the way to the very percentage of CBD. Choosing this brand would surely make you experience all the benefits that the world of medical hemp has to offer.