HempHash Review 2021

With the growing popularity of CBD products in the UK, several companies have been set up in recent years to cater to the demands of customers. HempHash is among the popular names in the CBD industry of the UK.

Since HempHash CBD products have a sizable customer base in the UK, we thought of reviewing the brand to find out more about them.

In this HempHash review, we will be looking at the brand and the products they offer to find out whether they are worth trying out. We will also check out the customer responses and reviews to understand if the quality of the products is satisfactory.

About The Brand

Let’s start our HempHash review with a few details about the brand. As this family-run business was established in 2018, it is relatively new in the CBD industry. It was founded with the mission of making premium-quality CBD products within the reach of everyone in the UK.

Well, unlike most other CBD brands in the UK, HempHash has no dedicated ‘About’ page on their official website. While this may make it a bit difficult for customers to assess the credibility of the brand, the extremely detailed product descriptions add some transparency.

Also, most of the products feature a quality certificate on the product page, for which the brand deserves some extra brownie points.

The brand claims the utmost diligence when it comes to client satisfaction and encourages the customers to reach out to them if they feel unsatisfied with the product or service. Along with the products, they also feature a blog on their website, which is designed to be helpful for anyone looking up to using CBD products.


Brand Offerings

The brand offers a wide variety of products ranging from CBD flowers, CBD hemp hash, CBD hemp tea, CBD vapes, CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and an extensive CBD skincare range. They also offer CBD products formulated especially for pets.

The brand also offers hemp hash and flowers for sale, though they claim it is only for educational or decorative purposes.

The brand keeps its website updated according to the available products and so we were a bit disappointed to see the very popular HempHash Purple Haze missing from the product list. But, the wide range of products available was enough to grab our attention.

CBD Oils

We came across several HempHash reviews praising their CBD oils, which prompted us to check out this collection first. HempHash offers CBD oils in 5 broad categories: Full-spectrum CBD oils, Broad-spectrum CBD oils, Specialist CBD oils, Budget CBD oils, and CBD spray.

The full-spectrum CBD oils use organic hemp seed oil as the base, while the broad-spectrum range uses organic MCT coconut oil and is free from THC content. All the oils of these two ranges are among the highest quality ones offered by the brand.

The specialist CBD oil range is an innovative range by the brand and is formulated to ease certain psychological and physiological ailments of the body. People suffering from ailments like anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle or joint pains, low immunity, etc. might find the products in this range useful.

The low-price range is targeted towards customers trying CBD for the first time. Their products are manufactured from a broad-spectrum CBD distillate instead of isolate. These are devoid of compounds like flavonoids and terpenes.

The CBD atomiser sprays are designed to be easier to use and feature a higher amount of bio-availability.

All of the above products are available in varying strengths, ranging from low to high, to cater to the needs of everyone.

CBD Capsules

Customers looking for an alternative to CBD oils can check out the CBD capsule range by the brand. Similar to the specialist oil range, the specialist capsules are also formulated such that they are effective for certain ailments like sleeplessness, muscle pain, poor focus, anxiety, etc.

The capsules claim to be devoid of any type of heavy metal or pesticides, making them perfectly safe for consumption.

CBD Vaping

The CBD vaping products of the brand are divided into two categories – CBD Vape Shots and CBD Wax Crumble.

The vape shots are created from a high-quality CBD distillate and are devoid of any other trace cannabinoids. This is done to ensure there is no crystallization while vaping. The CBD wax crumble is also created with superior quality broad-spectrum CBD distillate and available in a wide range of flavours.

CBD Edibles

The edible CBD range of the brand consists of gummy candies, each containing around 10 mg of CBD. The available flavours include orange, raspberry, and lemon & lime, which are some delicious alternatives for people who dislike the taste of standard CBD products.

CBD Skin Care Range

The CBD skincare range consists of a variety of products crafted for both men and women. Some of the products offered include shampoos, balms, face washes and scrubs, aftershave gel, etc.

Pet Hemp Range

The pet products by the brand are created from extracts of organic hemp seed oil which is rich in fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and 9. Cat, dog and horse owners may benefit from the products in this range.


Social Media Sentiment

As we were rather impressed with the array of products, we thought of checking out what people were saying about the brand. Our favourite platform to measure the level of customer satisfaction is Trustpilot- and the results did not disappoint us.

The brand has an almost perfect rating on the platform. With a 4.9 rating out of 5, it can be easily said to be among the top CBD brands in the UK. We checked the HempHash reviews and found that over 94% were positive. This speaks volumes about the superb customer service of the company, especially since they have more than 1600 reviews on the Trustpilot platform.

It does have some negative reviews too, which is within expectations as not everyone has the same preferences. But, the overall customer reviews and ratings are quite positive, which increases their credibility as a company.


We hope this HempHash review was useful in clearing your doubts regarding the brand. The overall positive responses from their customers compel us to believe in the efficiency of their products and service.

Also, we appreciate their effort in creating such a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website, along with the extensive information on each product page.