Herbstrong Review 2021

The need for CBD in today’s modern world has been rapidly growing. With a plethora of brands to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find the right CBD brand for you. One brand that speaks volumes about its product credibility is Herbstrong.

This brand, in brief, aims at creating CBD products for gym and fitness enthusiasts. Extolled for its versatile product range and other helpful information, this brand is the right fit for an athlete on the hunt for a high-quality CBD-based product.

This Herbstrong CBD review is designed to inform you about the true story behind the brand, its products, and how people perceive the brand so far. By doing so, we can understand whether or not the brand delivers what is being advertised.

About The Brand

Herbstrong is a CBD brand that is aimed at catering to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. In other words, they develop products that meet the continuous demands of such people.

Founded by two fitness enthusiasts, Herbstrong’s main objective is to provide high-quality CBD products to individuals associated with the sports industry.

One of the pros of the brand is its webpage. When an individual logs on to the brand’s website, they are greeted with a color scheme that stays true to the brand’s logo.

In addition to that, individuals can access necessary product information with the click of a button. Apart from the products, the brand also includes information about how CBD is beneficial to athletes and why a fitness enthusiast should include it as a part of their daily routine.

Lastly, even though Herbstrong is a California-based company, they ship internationally to the United Kingdom to increase their reach and instill a CBD-craze amongst athletes all over the globe.


Product Range Of The Brand

The brand’s product collection is divided into three major target groups. They are the brand’s Recovery products, Strong Paws pet drops, and apparel.

Let us take a deeper look at each of these categories to gain a better understanding of what the brand has to offer to its customers.

1. Recovery Products

Herbstrong’s recovery products are manufactured in drops, creams, and vaporizers to meet the individuals’ varying tastes and preferences.

1. Herbstrong Extra Strong Recovery Drops

First up on the list are the Recovery Drops. These drops are essentially CBD oil fabricated by the brand. They can either be available in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. The best part about these oils is that they are vegan and organic.

Further, these drops are available in three strengths. They are the Extra Strong Recovery Drops 1000 mg, the Silver Edition Recovery Drops 3000 mg, and the Gold Edition Recovery Drops 5000 mg.

One aspect that serves as a reason why the product is popular amongst customers is its packaging. For example, the Extra Strong recovery drops are available in a vibrant neon-green box that is printed with a motivating quote to inspire individuals.

On the other hand, the silver and gold edition bottles are fabricated in a matte black bottle that is engraved with silver and gold letters, respectively. With this design, they evoke a sense of luxury and are a great addition to your stash of supplements.

2. Herbstrong Extra Strong Recovery Cream

Another feather in the cap for the brand’s recovery products is its Extra Strong Recovery Cream. This is a non-scented and vegan cream that can be used for the topical application of CBD.

Also, it is manufactured with industrial hemp and is an ideal cream for individuals with sensitive skin. Apart from this ingredient, the cream is also composed of shea butter, coconut oil, emulsifying wax, and caprylic triglycerides.

With the harmonious amalgamation of these ingredients, individuals can have soft, supple skin all day, every day.

The main purpose of this product is to alleviate muscle pain, especially after a hardcore workout. In a nutshell, the brand has formulated a cream that hits two birds with one stone.

3. Herbstrong Extra Strong Recovery Vaporizers

The last but not the least product in its recovery series is the Herbstrong CBD Extra Strong Recovery Vaporizers. 

As per the brand, these are an on-the-go relief solution. With the help of these vaporizers, individuals can relax during their workout in the gym whenever they wish to.

The entire vaporizer set offered by the brand is a basic starter kit. In the kit, an individual will find a Herbstrong CBD vape pen that is preloaded with a full-spectrum CBD cartridge of 500 mg, a battery as well as a charger.

If you wish to refill your vape pen, the brand also offers its Recovery Cartridge. However, you will have to purchase this separately. 

2. Strong Paws

The brand does not only cater to humans but also has an exclusive range of products for pets. Even though your pets won’t be hitting the gym, they can still experience the numerous benefits of CBD.

Under the Strong Paws range, individuals can find a range of recovery drops for their dogs. These drops are available in three strengths, i.e., 250 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg, depending upon the needs and requirements of your dogs.

On the whole, these drops are pet-friendly and a preferred choice when on the lookout for CBD products for dogs.


Social Media Sentiment

To understand how people have responded to the brand and its offerings, we have analyzed several reviews on the Reddit handle. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to find a plethora of Herbstrong CBD UK reviews.

After immense amounts of research, we can conclude that the brand is highly acclaimed for its wide product range that caters to various target audiences. Plus, their innovative marketing strategies are what led to the brand’s success all across the USA and the UK.

Besides, the brand truly adheres to its mission of creating an impact amongst the thriving sports community with its latest CBD inventions.


On the whole, it is pretty clear that Herbstrong CBD UK has delivered in terms of product versatility, effectiveness, and performance and is indeed a game-changer for the dynamic CBD market. We hope that this Herbstrong CBD review will help you in finding the right product for you.