Holistic Herb Review 2021

Back in 2019, CBD out-performed vitamin C and D in the market in terms of value. As surprising as it was, Holistic Herb grabbed the opportunity with both hands to become the frontrunner in creating the best CBD products.

With their focus on efficacy and bioavailability, Holistic Herb premium CBD oil became quite a household name in the UK. The Holistic Herb CBD oil is formulated with a unique technology that has helped the brand gain popularity.

Taking pride in their brilliant work ethic and superior quality, Holistic Herb is taking the game a notch up with its high-end CBD products. Check out our detailed Holistic Herb review to know everything about the world-class brand.

Who Are They?

Holistic Herb was formed as a result of founder Gary surviving a life-altering motorcycle crash in 2010. After facing a long rehabilitation routine due to his multiple injuries, he put his faith in traditional CBD supplements. Even today, he resorts to CBD supplements to lower the lasting effects of his terrifying accident.

It took years of research for him to find the perfect combination for his range of CBD products. Dedicated to providing the best CBD range, Holistic Herb was established in 2018. The main aim is to ensure value for money as well as efficiency and bioavailability. Since 2018, the brand has scoured the globe to create the best CBD products.

Holistic Herb has worked hard to achieve improvements on the existing technologies in the CBD world. All products from Holistic Herb are plant-derived and so, vegan-friendly. Holistic Herb’s uniquely micro-emulsified Premium CBD is more efficient, enters the bloodstream faster, and remains there in higher quantities for a longer duration after application.

Holistic Herb claims that only about 8% is absorbed into your bloodstream when you ingest a standard CBD oil. But when you consume their Holistic Herb premium CBD oil, about 90% reaches your blood, making it extra potent and beneficial. 

With over 98% of the active CBD being fully absorbed into the bloodstream, Holistic Herb CBD premium oil and other products provide the perfect efficiency and value for money with every application.

Their range is small but looks more than just promising. Holistic Herb is a relatively new company that promises that its advanced and unique technology will raise the game of the CBD industry in the UK. 

What Do They Make?

Holistic Herb makes two types of CBD products — oil and spray. With almost the entire CBD content being absorbed into the bloodstream, both sprays and oils are equally efficient. Let us find out more about these in this section of our Holistic Herb CBD review:-

1. Holistic Herb CBD OIL Single Strength 60ml

Single Strength Premium ‘THC Free’ Food Supplement

These oral CBD drops from Holistic Herb are vegan-friendly and fast working. Take 3 drops of these with your meal, and you are all set to go. Holistic Herb Cannabidiol Oil has a natural herby taste. Each batch is tested to ensure there is no THC (0.000%) present.

2. Holistic Herb CBD OIL Double Strength 60ml

Double Strength Premium ‘THC Free’ Food Supplement

Similar to the Single Strength drops, the only difference between the two is the CBD concentration. Holistic Herb’s uniquely micro-emulsified CBD does not degrade in the stomach, enhancing its transport to the bloodstream.

3. Holistic Herb CBD Oral Spray Single Strength 30ml Unflavoured

Single Strength Premium ‘THC Free’ Food Supplement Oral Spray

A single spray of Holistic Herb CBD Oral Spray under the tongue is enough to provide you with a wholesome quantity of CBD. Repeat the process thrice a day for the best results. It has no flavour and so can be swallowed quite comfortably.

4. Holistic Herb CBD Oral Spray Single Strength 30ml Mint Flavour

Single Strength Premium ‘THC Free’ Food Supplement Mint Oral Spray

Same as the previous one, the only difference between the two sprays is the flavour. This one comes in a fresh mint flavour with rich CBD content. It gets absorbed in the bloodstream quickly to give effective results.

Social Media Sentiments About Holistic Herb

Holistic Herb premium CBD oils are available at over 700+ Holland & Barrett high street retail outlets. They can also be found on their official website. With the brand’s aim being the utmost satisfaction of its customers, we went through a few customer reviews to find out more about the brand.

With over 500+ amazing reviews on the website of Holland and Barrett, customers seem to be in love with whatever Holistic Herb has to offer. Their oils and sprays are quite loved by the people of the UK.

Customers always appreciate the richness of the flavour with hints of walnut and citrus. Most people like the potency of the CBD and end up rebuying the product. They are usually happy with the results.

The only thing that the customers seem to be complaining about is the fact that Holistic Herb doesn’t share lab results to back their claims. Overall, the general public of the UK seems to be in love with the constantly growing brand.


Holistic Herb is doing a remarkable job in reaching the masses and impressing people with their exceptional products and service with the wide range of products and the huge array of benefits associated with those products.

The Holistic Herb CBD oil is their marquee product that seems to have gained a lot of support from the people of the UK. With their aim being efficacy, total bioavailability, and value for money, Holistic Herb has become a household name.

Even after being a young brand with a long way to go, Holistic Herb oils and sprays are already quite popular, and the brand is moving ahead with the speed of light. Holistic Herb is on the perfect path to greater heights with its mission being to offer the most effective, bio-available plant-derived compound products in the market.