The UK’s first medical cannabis support group, led by patients, for patients; United Patients Alliance provide tireless advocacy, compassionate campaigning, and essential education, to safeguard the patients’ voice in advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics.


Established in July 2014 with the support of Professor David Nutt and Caroline Lucas MP, United Patients Alliance was founded to represent the interests patients choosing to consume cannabis to treat their chronic conditions. With some of the most vulnerable members of our society facing up to fourteen years in prison, we call attention to the injustice of prosecuting individuals for consuming a medicine that is legal elsewhere in the world.

Despite the wide body of clinical evidence supporting the use of cannabis, and a change in Drug Policy in November 2018 moving cannabis to schedule 2, the UK Government continues to deny patients a medication with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

United Patients Alliance are elated to be assisting facilitation of Project Twenty21 as part of Drug Science’s Medical Cannabis Working Group. We are also proud Stakeholders for the NICE Guidance being developed on cannabis-based products for medicinal use.

We have numerous achievements, and will continue working to improve access for patients. Our 2016 Patient Survey was commissioned by the APPG for Drug Policy Reform in order to support their Short Inquiry into Cannabis and Medicine, and we received over 1700 responses to our 2018 Patient Survey which has been reported at numerous conferences worldwide; and we have helped the MS Society to update their policy on cannabis.


What We Do

We campaign for legal access to medical cannabis for patients with chronic conditions.

We advocate on behalf of patients, so that they can access cannabis medicine through a regulated system.

We provide information and resources to help improve quality of life for patients.

We connect patients with a wider community of medical cannabis consumers in a supportive environment.

We ensure all patients are treated with the compassion they deserve.

We defend vulnerable patients from the harms of the criminal justice system.

We have created a space for the perspectives of medical cannabis patients to be shared with the public, policymakers, health-professionals, and the media.

We partner with other organisations and stakeholders to deliver effective campaigns and advocacy projects.

United Patients Alliance Ltd are a Not For Profit organisation led by patients for patients. Our charity application is in progress. Unfortunately everything we do costs money as well as time.

You can help by donating now, applying to become a volunteer, or by becoming a Member!