Love CBD Review 2021

Anyone who knows a thing or two about the CBD brands in the UK would tell you that the regulation of cannabis consumption and production is not up to the mark here. While the older organizations are still abiding by the rules, the new players entering the market are flouting them left, right, and center.

An organization that has been there since the beginning, and is also a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association – is Love CBD UK. The brand is well-known for promoting good practice in the UK CBD scene. So, to check whether these claims are true or not, we decided to do a Love CBD Entourage Oil review.

About The Company

The company was started in 2014, even before the official legalization of cannabis consumption in the UK. Since the beginning, the company has been known for its high-quality products and reasonable prices. They procure organic cannabis from different parts of Europe and ensure that the cultivation is done without the use of synthetic chemicals like insecticides.

They were also among the first ones to use pure carbon dioxide for the extraction of cannabis extracts. The motto of the company is to produce as natural products as possible. It is quite a remarkable initiative in an industry that is infamous for adulteration and piracy. 

All CBD products that Love CBD sells, contain only CBD extracts and olive oil. No added substance or artificial flavours are used to enhance the taste of any product. What is furthermore interesting is that even though the oils or sprays have no exciting flavours, they still do not leave that bitter taste that one usually gets after having raw cannabis. All products sold by Love CBD come with a spray applicator which is a neat way of consuming CBD oils. Moreover, spraying oils under the tongue increases the rate of absorption into the bloodstream. 


Brand Offerings

1. Entourage Oil

The Entourage Oil is Love CBD’s most popular product. People frequently request us to do a Love CBD Entourage Oil review. So, here it goes. Unlike other CBD oils available in the market, the Entourage oil is a blend of extracts taken from several cannabis strains. Activists have always advocated for further research in this field so that more strains can be used. 

However, most companies are exploiting only a couple of strains currently, and make all their products from the extracts of the same strains. The problem with this approach is that with a limited number of Cannabis extracts, we can treat only a limited number of medical problems. 

The Entourage oil has emerged as a great solution to this problem. It contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc., each of which has its own therapeutic effect. This way, the combined effect of all these extracts, known as the entourage effect, becomes much more beneficial for patients than a single cannabis extract. 

Some of the common cannabinoids that it contains are CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC. The terpenes that they currently use for making the entourage oil are Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-pinene, Beta-caryophyllene. Since terpenes have a highly soothing aroma, the fragrance and flavor of this oil is simply amazing. 

2. Love CBD Balms

Love CBD also produces multi-purpose topical applicants like skin balms. Containing natural collagen boosters, the balm gives you a fine skin texture after regular overnight application. With 100% natural elements, it is completely safe for people with sensitive skin. A single solution to prevent all dry skin problems. The CBD components soothe your skin after a hectic day of work. Thus, people usually use the Love CBD Balm as a night cream. 

Apart from CBD, the balms contain cacao, rosemary, coconut oil, vanilla, and grape seed oil. Balms with CBD strength ranging between 10 and 100g are currently being sold by Love CBD UK. 

3. Love CBD Capsules Review

Just like the entourage oil, the capsules produced by them also contain terpenes. The company uses several strains of cannabis to prepare these capsules. One type is the Love CBD Sativa Capsules, that has Sativa species, while the other is the Love CBD Indica capsules, coming from the Indica strain. All these capsules either come in a 300mg pack or a 600 mg pack. 

The Love CBD capsules containing sativa extracts create a very strong high, while the Love CBD capsules containing Indica are mainly used for relaxation purposes. Several other types of capsules are also available. 


Social Media Sentiment

Whenever you look at social media discussions and reviews about Love CBD, you will always find people praising their excellent customer service and timely delivery system. While the taste is not bad, some people who have the habit of consuming flavoured CBD products only will tell you that it has an ‘awful’ taste. Another problem with Love CBD products, especially the entourage oil, is that it takes a lot of experimentation to find the ideal dose. This hit-and-trial method to find the right dose can be an expensive affair. People have also reported instances of drowsiness, digestive issues,headaches, etc. after consuming these products. However, such cases are few in number. 

Overall, people regard Love CBD as one of the most affordable brands available today, and the quality of their products is also quite satisfactory. The entourage oil produced by the company is an exclusive and unique product, which is much more beneficial than any regular CBD oil being sold by other brands. All Love CBD Entourage Oil reviews are positive. 


Keeping all different parameters in mind, Love CBD can surely be regarded as a reliable brand. Providing affordable products, with a hundred percent natural ingredients is the USP of this company. However, the lack of variety and flavors is certainly making them lose out on several potential customers. 

People can easily purchase Love CBD products through their online store. The company also offers free second-class delivery within the UK. If you shop from the online store, you can avail many exciting offers and discounts. Moreover, after every purchase, the customer gets reward points that can be later redeemed to get much bigger discounts on purchases. 

In all, the verdict of this Love CBD oil review, is that the company produces decent CBD products, with each product having a remarkably authentic organic base.