Loveburgh CBD Review 2021

The CBD market in the UK has been thriving with new entrants and innovations. One such brand that has emerged as a fresh entrant into the vast, competitive market is Loveburgh. 

This brand, in brief, aims at creating a 100% organic, sustainable product that delivers smiles on the faces of individuals. 

This set of Loveburgh reviews is created to elucidate the various accolades and achievements of the brand, such as its electrifying product range and how the brand has been picked up by its existing customers. 

About The Brand

Loveburgh is a British CBD  brand founded in the picturesque city of Edinburgh. Renowned for being pioneers in the field of natural well-being, effectiveness, ethics, and premium quality of life, this particular brand has conquered hearts all across UK and Scotland as one of the top brands of CBD.

 Founded by a passionate individual, Jas, the brand is a manifestation of his beliefs and motto in the strong healing powers of Mother Nature. With a personal connection to cannabinoids, the brand aims at reshaping the CBD market all across the UK.

Furthermore, the brand’s motto revolves around putting a smile on the faces of individuals by grasping and fortifying the gifts provided by Mother Nature.

It thrives around sustainability and is strictly committed to provide quality and environmental-friendly hemp products to its customer base.

With a good social media outreach, the brand is determined to create a change in our community. However, it tends to lack the facility of third-lab reports.

In addition, the brand can improve its base audience by launching the initiative to purchase products online.

Let us delve deeper into some of its best-sellers to gain a better understanding of what it has to offer.


Product Range Of The Brand

As mentioned above, Loveburgh tends to offer its customers a diverse range of products. These are an amalgamation of the acclaimed Loveburgh Raw Juices,  its CBD oils, CBD pastes as well as other miscellaneous products, including hemp teas and e-liquids.

 1. CBD Oils

The Loveburgh CBD oils serve as a natural food supplement that is designed to give your body and mind superpowers. 

This particular range is manufactured in several strengths, and each oil is made with a different carrier oil, i.e., either hemp seed or MCT. This is what makes the brand stand out from its competitors.

If you were to take a closer look at the CBD oils offered by the brand, you would notice that all of them are available in broad-spectrum meaning that they don’t contain any THC. Plus, to cater to the varying tastes and preferences of customers, the oils are available in seven different strengths, starting from 250 mg up to 2000 mg.

 One of the brand’s top sellers is its 500 mg Rapid Absorb.  This particular oil is a liposomal oil consisting of a harmonious blend of turmeric, fatty oils, and curcuminoids, and is regarded for its rapid absorption.

2. CBD Raw Juices

The Loveburgh Raw CBD Juices are another feather in the cap for the brand. In a nutshell, these juices are infused with the wonderful benefits of CBD and various vitamins such as vitamins K, B6, A, C, etc., and taste just like fruit smoothies.

 Each ready-to-use bottle consists of approximately 25 mg of CBD, amino acids, omega fats, and natural hemp terpenes and is available in three unique flavors, including orange dream and berry blast.

 If you’re on the hunt for organic yet delicious CBD juice, you should definitely try out this raw juice by the brand.

3. CBD Pastes

Are you someone who is looking to enter a higher concentration of CBD into your body? If you are, you should check out the Loveburgh Raw CBD pastes. Developed as a natural alternative to tinctures, these pastes are formulated to provide a long-lasting effect of CBD.

The brand offers its pastes in two variants, i.e., the Gold 50% Paste and the Raw 10% Paste.

4. Hemp Teas

Did you know that you can brew a cup of tea for the hemp leaves? In fact, hemp tea is quite beneficial to our overall health and well-being. To stick to its motto of sustainability, the brand uses the remains of hemp and other ingredients to brew a delicious concoction.

Each flavor is crafted to be 100% organic, natural, and pleasant to taste. Some of the signature teas include cocoa, herbs, chai, and the original hemp. If you are a true chocolate lover, I would sincerely recommend you try out the brand’s creamy blend of hemp and cocoa.

5. CBD E-Liquids

We’ve heard about CBD oils since the advent of CBD products. However, CBD E-Liquids have been the latest talk. In short, a CBD e-liquid is a hemp-based cannabinoid product that is specifically designed for vaping purposes. It is also a convenient way to consume CBD.

The Loveburgh CBD e-liquids are all-natural and contain no synthetic substances such as PEG or PG. They are available for purchase in three tasty flavors, including grape and citrus, each made of coconut-derived VG and organic fruits. 

Plus, a single flavour is manufactured in three strengths, i.e., 200 mg, 400 mg, and 800 mg, to cater to the varying needs and requirements of individuals.


Social Media Sentiment

To get a feel of how others have perceived the brand and its product range, we took a look at various Loveburgh reviews on multiple social media platforms.

After a thorough and intensive search on the Internet, we felt that the brand has an exceptional collection, making it an acclaimed name all across the UK and Scotland.

The only thing we wish the brand could improve upon is its online presence. In other words, we would like the brand to launch an online purchase platform.  This will help potential customers of Loveburgh buy the products in the comfort of their own living rooms.

In a nutshell, the brand checks all the boxes in terms of quality, price, and effectiveness and is a true force to be reckoned with.


All in all, the brand truly delivers in terms of what was advertised and is determined to create a shaking impact in the competitive CBD market. We hope that this set of Loveburgh reviews is helpful to you when on the lookout for the best organic CBD brands in the UK.