Mary’s Medicinals Review 2021

The countries that have legalised the use of cannabis have been witnessing a steady boom in the CBD industry for almost a decade now. With the US being the leading player in the market, the UK is not far behind, with some promising entrepreneurs taking charge of establishing the cannabis industry in the nation. 

Mary’s Medicinals is one such US-based brand that has been giving some good competition to its fellow brands in the US. By taking up a two-way approach and selling THC and CBD products under separate brands, Mary’s Medicinals UK is becoming one of the best CBD brands when it comes to over-the-counter sales. 

So what makes Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches so popular? Keep reading our review to find out. 

About The Brand

As we mentioned, Mary’s takes a two-pronged approach when it comes to selling products. Founded in 2013, Mary’s Medicinals essentially produces transdermal patches and gels, while Mary’s Nutritionals, established in 2015, sells cannabinoids. They started earlier than their current competitors suggesting that they had the vision to revolutionize the cannabis industry quite early on. 

Interestingly, Mary’s Medicinals gets its name from ‘Mary Jane’, a popular nickname for marijuana. All word plays aside; they show the utmost dedication and professionalism when it comes to business. Mary’s has a dedicated research team comprising scientists and physicians who collaborate to bring out a reliable alternative to medicine. 

Although Mary’s produces CBD oil, they are more famous for their transdermal and topical products. Their products are not just limited to THCs but offer various other cannabinoids, which gives us more options to choose from. This is why one can purchase Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches only through licensed dispensaries. 

Apart from the sale of cannabinoids, Mary’s Medicinals also recognizes the lack of education surrounding the use of medical marijuana. Many companies often take ill advantage of customers’ ignorance regarding these products. In order to curb the widespread misconceptions regarding CBD and THC products and ensure the wellness of cannabis users, the founders of Mary’s Medicinals UK started the Mary’s Foundation for Caring. 

They host seminars and workshops to educate users on this topic. Further, they conduct discussions involving researchers and experts to further spread positive knowledge about this. Mary’s Medicinals thereby increases transparency and safety in the cannabis industry while playing an important role in improving it. 


Brand Offerings

1. Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches

Their most popular product, transdermal patches, releases the cannabinoids into the bloodstream via the skin. Unlike topicals that produce an effect on a localized area, transdermal patches affect the entire body. However, unlike other methods of cannabinoid intake, this method ensures a milder effect, thereby providing precisely the required results– not more, nor less. 

Each 2×2 patch gradually delivers 10 mg of cannabidiol over 8-12 hours. For best results, it is advised that you apply the patches to a venous area so that it gets better access to your bloodstream. Transdermal patches are available in the following categories– THC Sativa, THC Indica, CBD: THC: 1-1, CBD, CBN and THCa. These patches are very effective, and we highly recommend that you try them out. 

2. Transdermal Compound

Transdermal compounds are meant to penetrate your skin faster than the transdermal patch and topicals. Each unit comprises a 100 mg blend of THC, CBD and CBC. It also contains menthol, numerous essential oils and mango butter. These are pretty helpful when it comes to skincare, so you have an added advantage too. You can use this as a balm and apply it every 4-6 hours to relieve arthritis, joint pain and other related inflammatory problems. 

3. Transdermal Gel Pen

This gel pen is a very convenient way to apply cannabis gel directly to your skin. You may either use it on a standalone basis or combine its usage with the transdermal patches for an enhanced effect. The gel is carefully formulated to facilitate fast penetration through the skin and provide you with quick relief. 

Compared to other methods of cannabinoid intake, this one ensures that you get the most concentrated application and fastest relief. Every pen consists of fifty doses of 2 mg cannabinoid gel. The Transdermal gel pens are available in the following formats– CBD, CBN, THC-Indica and THC-Sativa. 

Since there is more accuracy in the application when it comes to gel pens, the effect becomes more concentrated with very little wastage. This also makes sure your hands remain clean. 

4. Muscle Freeze

Never to be used on open wounds, the muscle freeze helps with relieving body pain. It contains cooling menthol and massage oils for added relief, and it comes with a roll-on dispenser making it easy to use. 


Social Media Sentiment

Mary’s Medicinals has won the Best Cannabist Award from The Cannabist for two years in a row, which says quite a lot about them. They have a healthy social media following, with almost 30,000 followers on Instagram. 

Users on Reddit have given it generally favourable reviews and laud the range of product options Mary’s offers. Some users have complained of palpitations and discomfort during initial use, but the problem was resolved once their bodies started getting accustomed to the product. Many users do not like the difficulty in accessing their products as they are available only via licensed dispensaries. 


Mary’s Medicinals has done a great job in providing great blends of cannabinoids and offering a wide variety of products. They use newer and better innovations to produce high-quality products, especially Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches. Further, they have a pretty safe and efficient delivery system as well. Despite its limited availability, customers often window shop their products which indicates the brand’s success. If you’re looking for good-quality cannabinoids, we highly recommend Mary’s Medicinals.